Empowerment Through Education and Employment

Building Better Communities – In Our Exec Director’s Own Words

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Hear Success Center SF Executive Director Liz Jackson-Simpson talk about Success Center SF’s
mission of helping disenfranchised adults and youth become successful. This despite crippling
adversities many may face in their current lives such as poverty, addiction, lack of education,
and low self esteem.

Liz Jackson-Simpson // Executive Director, Success Center SF from Overture on Vimeo.

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Every dime counts! Here are some examples of how contributions may help: DONATE NOW
$35 Provides the fees for 1 GED Test.
$70 Provides a clipper transit card for a student.
$100 Provides a new jobseeker with interview attire.
$500 Provides new GED textbooks.
$1000 Provides resources for a new computer.
$5000 Provides a college tour for 10 students.
$10,000 Provides school lunch for our EMSA students for one year.
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