In 2003, a William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Working Paper reported that youth involved in the juvenile justice system were at extremely high risk for long-term disconnection from society by the age of twenty-five.

In the intervening decade, little has changed nationally for these youth. At 25, an age when most young people are benefiting from full-time work and close personal relationships, these youth will not be connected to the labor force or have the usual social support of family and community. The consequences of this disconnection for themselves and society are severe: 60% of young men detained as juveniles will experience long periods of unemployment and face the possibility of long-term incarceration.

Success Center SF is deeply committed to changing these outcomes for youth in San Francisco and recognizes that employment is key to building a productive future. Success Center SF employment and job-readiness services include:

Youth Adult WorkLink Access Point

As an integral arm of OEWD’s Youth Strategies, SCSF is tasked with building partnerships across the education and workforce systems to effectively re-engage disconnected youth in education and work – with an emphasis on at-risk youth and those from low-income communities. The Young Adult WorkLink framework priorities linkages for young adults that help them build skills they need to necessary to achieve economic self-sufficiency and serves as a point of entry into both public and private education and workforce systems. The SCSF Access Point connects nearly 200 youth per year into educational and workforce related services.

New Directions for Employment

This program equips youth with life skills, prepares them for the world of work, and places them in subsidized and unsubsidized employment opportunities, as well as advanced job training. New Directions offers a four month sequence of classes, provided daily in conjunction with the Early Morning Study Academy. Upon completion, youth work individually with a job coach who helps them identify their career interests, identify potential employers, prepare for interviews, and provides follow-up support to address any on-the-job issues. New Directions works with over 150 youth each year, of whom 70% are successfully placed in employment or workforce training.

SF Summer Jobs+ Program

As partner of United Way of the Bay Area, Success Center SF provides assessment and job ready skills training and supports young adults transition into private sector jobs with companies like Starbucks, Old Navy, Mahoney Security, WholeFoods and Ghirardelli.

Employer Services

Success Center SF only refers prescreened, qualified applicants to your employment opportunities.Whenever possible, SCSF Job Coaches will advise employers of any hiring incentives or tax credits that might be associated with each hire. Companies make all the hiring decisions.

For more information about these programs and services, contact Reymon LaChaux at 415-549-7011.