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Family and friends! Join us, July 2, 2015 at 6pm for “Expressions from Our Youth” – a Playwriting and Visual Arts Exposition. As our guests, enjoy a FREE reception with refreshments and learn from the young people about their experiences in the development of this exposition working side by side professional artists, actors and playwrights at the Children’s Creativity Theatre.

Success Center SF flagship youth program is our school, the Early Morning Study Academy (EMSA). EMSA was established over 17 years ago as an alternative educational program that assists transitional aged youth to obtain GEDs, enroll into college and get jobs. To maintain continuity for our youth, EMSA is year-round. During the summer months, we work hard to contextualize our academic curriculum in an effort to show the youth the relevance of the 3-Rs—Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. The arts are essential to every young person’s education and development. Similar to English, math, science, and other core subjects, the arts are challenging subjects with rigorous content that engage all students. Our talented youth are encouraged to perform works of art, create their own works and respond to works of art and the ideas they impart. Research points to strong relationships between learning in the arts and fundamental cognitive skills and capacities used to master core subjects like reading, writing and arithmetic. Our youth’s display of talent is indicative of the colorful future we have to look forward to!

This summer, we are partnering with Each One Reach One who brought in Industry professionals to work with our youth in playwriting and visual arts. At the completion of this two week intensive experience, the youth will market and promote an exposition of their new found skills. Prior to this experience, our youth did not realize that these folks get paid to be playwrights and visual artists.

Our organizations have teamed up to create a platform that allows young people to express themselves through two forms of art; playwriting, and mural painting. Playwriting mentors work one-on-one with a young playwright under the guidance of our Playwriting Instructor to write an original, one-act play. The program helps our youth learn new tools of improvisational acting, sensory exercises, and dramatic language and structure. On the Show Day mentors support their students as they go through the rehearsal process with our professional actors, who will perform staged readings of their plays before an audience of student peers, facility staff, family members, and special guests. This is done within an intense two-week framework, which requires a 30-hour commitment.

the arts photoOur Mural component includes a holistic and comprehensive teaching on the fundamentals of Art, painting and mural design. Our team of instructors has a wealth of experience in art and is renowned and revered as influential artist in the bay area. Their teaching style allows our youth to indulge in art in a very intrinsic way. At the culmination of our program both components (Mural and Playwright) come together to create a beautiful masterpiece that integrate into each other which gives our youth not only a sense of accomplishment, but also pride.

See Flyer for Expressions Art Expo