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Applicants wait for interviews

There wasn’t an empty seat to be found at the Job Couch hiring event at our Western Addition Career Center on Friday, August 7, 2015.

Over 60 eager job applicants showed up at our 1449 Fillmore Street location to apply for various available positions at the well-known café and bakery client Job Couch was recruiting for. Job Couch, founded by David Suh, is a career startup with a twist.

If you’ve looked at other hiring sites, you’ve probably noticed that many of the jobs listed often require a degree, advanced training, and sometimes years of experience. This sidelines an integral part of the U.S. job market – those job seekers who are looking for entry level work. This disparity in opportunity is something David Suh wants to change.

His startup, Job Couch, is geared toward helping job seekers get hired fast in industries eager to find good, entry-level employees — like the retail, culinary, and hotel industries. Suh envisions Job Couch acting as a go-between, assisting both companies looking for entry-level employees and job seekers looking for employment.

Job Couch founder David Suh works the crowd

Job Couch founder David Suh works the crowd

And Job Couch’s website’s is so simple, candidates can use their cellphone to complete a profile in just minutes. Once the job candidate has finished their profile, Job Couch scours its database of available jobs to find all the positions they’re qualified for. Then, it’s just a matter of applicants choosing which positions they’re interested in, and hitting “apply”.

To learn more about other upcoming hiring events and workshops offered by the Western Addition Career Center drop by our Career Center at 1449 Webster Street or call 415-549-7000.