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IMG_0353On September 23, 2015 the Western Addition Career Center played host to some of the hottest tech start-ups in town at the city’s first Gig Opportunity Fair.

So first, a little background on gigs. A gig is work for hire, usually done on a 1099 contract basis. It’s not a job with benefits and other perks. But for many who want to work their own hours and/or set their own rates, it’s the perfect work arrangement.

Though driving / delivery services like Uber and Lyft get the bulk of the press, there are numerous other “on-demand economy” startups that can help you work online in a variety of careers. Some of these companies, like Task Rabbit (an exhibitor at our event) are set up so you have the power to choose what industry you want to work in (say online secretarial or website design). You can usually negotiate your own schedule and rate. You use their website to market yourself/find clients, track your hours, and of course most importantly, get paid.

Some work-related web platforms and apps may be strictly for a certain field. Another exhibitor at our event, Honor, provides home aides / caregivers for your loved ones. Other exhibitors like Saucey (home liquor delivery) and Deliv (delivery) are always on the lookout for drivers.

We also had other companies in attendance like Everlance and Sherpashare, who can help you track your expenses and mileage costs if you work in the gig industry. And don’t forget, Breeze – they provide inexpensive car rentals for people who want to contract at companies like Lyft and Uber, but don’t have their own vehicle.

To help you learn how to successfully act as a 1099 contactor, we also had training providers like MEDA SF, BAVC, and SamaSchool to help attendees learn about taxes, technical training, and more.

In all we had almost 20 on-demand companies and training/education providers. Our thanks to all who participated in our event.

2meart Peers
BAVC Priamerica
Breeze Redtower Marketing
Deliv SamaSchool
Everlance Saucey
Honor Sherpashare
Legal Shield TaskRabbit
Luxe Uber
Lyft Wonolo


Also thanks to all the potential gigg’rs who showed up.

You can learn more about the on-demand or “gig economyhere.


Bay area residents lined up to meet exhibitors and learn more about the on-demand contractor opportunities.