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Senior Retail Stocking Associate $18.00/hr


Job Description

Our Senior Associates (full-time) support the leadership team through operational execution and delivery of a rewarding customer experience.

Why You’ll Love It:

What You’ll Do:


What We Need:

Position Type – Full Time

Objective – An ILS instructor provides aid and instruction to adult clients with developmental disabilities who want to and need assistance to live more independently. Common disabilities clients may have include, but are not limited to Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Seizure Disorder and Developmental Delay.

Description of Service Types

ILS services help adults with developmental disabilities work on skills they struggle with to become more independent. The skills can range from cooking and cleaning, to renting their own apartment and paying utilities. All goals are set by the client and dictated by their individual needs and goals.

Expectations –  An ILS instructor is expected to follow the goal plan, which lays out step by step instructions on how to reach the goals, help the client plan and develop resources, provide instructions on how to reach the goals, help the client plan and develop resources, provide instruction in areas the client is struggling with, and keep track of the goals and the clients progress through them. An ILS instructor is also expected to provide basic supportive assistance to clients who need help with specific tasks while ILS services are being conducted.

Tasks – An ILS instructor must follow a client’s goal plan and also provide support and instruction on any goal listed in the plan. This may require the instructor to go to the store, ride public transportation, attend social events with the client, among other activities during scheduled services times.

Personal Care – The Instructor must help with any necessary assistive services noted and required in the client’s goal plan. This can include toileting, transferring, feeding or other services based on the client’s needs during the instruction time.

Basic Abilities Needed to Perform the Job:


Objective – The Direct Service Provider (DSP) provides relief to parents/guardians of children and/or adults with disabilities by providing care and supervision to the individual with disabilities (client). Common disabilities clients may have are Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Seizure Disorder and Developmental Delay.

Description of Service Types

Respite services are defined as the intermittent or regularly scheduled temporary, non-medical care provided to a client. Respite services are used to assist family members to maintain the client in their home environment.

Day Care/Personal Assistance services are used to help people with disabilities perform tasks and supervise their daily routine that they are unable to do for themselves.

Expectations – A DSP is expected to provide appropriate care and supervision to ensure the client’s safety in absence of family members while relieving them from the constant demanding responsibility of caring for the client.

Tasks – A DSP may need to be accommodating and available based on the families’ needs. You may be asked to be involved in the client’s activities such as exercise routines like walking or playing or possibly studying. You may be asked to remain indoors or spend time outdoors. You may be required to perform minor chores, light meal preparation or similar tasks.

Personal Care – A DSP may be required to assist in toileting, turning, bathing, errands, appointments, and other activities of daily living.

Basic Abilities Needed to Perform the Job as a DSP:


Skills required to successfully perform the duties of our Wait Staff/Servers:

Serving and assisting our residents in the dining room (Duties may include, but are not limited to: greeting residents in a friendly, supportive manner; taking orders; serving meals correctly; completing additional duties to aide in the cleanliness of the dining room).

Presenting correct and precise information about our dining menu; making meal suggestions to aide in the decision process for our senior residents; observing eating patterns of our senior residents to ensure they are obtaining proper nutrition during meal times.

Other requirements of our Wait Staff/Servers include:

Benefits for eligible employees include: