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Job Title:
Safety Associate

Full Time

This role will provide a high level of visibility at the street level to carry out a wide variety of tasks to improve the overall appearance of the service district they are assigned to.



  • circulate through assigned work zone with a rolling can containing supplies and tools to take care of the following tasks:
  • Removing litter, fast food bags, cups, containers, cigarette butts and other debris on sidewalks, street gutter, and alleys. Trash removal and cleaning the sidewalks are mostly what Ambassadors do. Anything that keeps your district from looking clean and inviting has to go.
  • Remove graffiti and posters from light posts, trash cans, news boxes and other public infrastructure. We look high and low for anything in eyesight that needs to be removed. You know those stickers for bands and bars? Handbills that junk up the telephone polls, well they got to go too.
  • Pull isolated weeds. Weeds, weeds, weeds, they seem like they sprout up overnight. We pull them all. Weed abatement is a big part of this job. Those weeds grow around the tree wells, the cracks in the sidewalks, the vacant lots, you name it. If there is a crack, a weed can get in.
  • Damp wipe and straighten horizontal surfaces, such as trash can lids, news boxes and other infrastructure. This is vital. WE have always cleaned and sanitized touchpoints. We clean everything that doesn’t move.


  • while on patrol be watchful for unwanted behaviors or criminal activity and report to Safety Ambassadors via two-way radios. Must be able to articulate an accurate description of persons, vehicles, and other similar identifiers.


  • While on patrol will go out of the way to actively acknowledge pedestrians with a friendly greeting or identify visitors in order to provide directions, information, city information or recommendations. We go out of our way to engage with visitors and foot traffic. That means that we will cross the street to say “hello.” Our Ambassadors never meet a stranger.


  • Must be able to provide written reports of broken infrastructure, graffiti on private property, and provide a basic daily report of accomplishments and tasks completed. We use Smart Phones to document stats on what we clean. We need someone that can work a cell phone.


  • Must maintain a positive, professional environment in full compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies, procedures and overall Block by Block standards of expected professionalism. VERY important. You wear our uniform and you represent our company the nationwide. We need people that will respect that and remain professional in the public eye.

Physical Abilities:

  • Must have the physical capacity to walk or traverse continuously during an eight-hour shift, with normal breaks (two fifteen minutes, and one thirty-minute meal break). Must be able to work outdoors in all conditions with provided inclement weather gear.


  • Must be able to speak, read, and write the English language in order to create basic reports.

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