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Position Summary

Responsible for the efficient and safe workings of the traffic flow through the roadways and tunnels, including the coordination and management of complex tunnel safety systems in response to incidents and Emergencies from the Tunnel Control Centers.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensure safe, effective and efficient ongoing traffic operations, Maintenance of Traffic (MOT), incident response, and maintenance access of the Tunnel
  • Coordinate detection, assessment, and verification of incidents and emergencies
  • Provide accurate incident notification/dispatch to IRC and 911 dispatch communications
  • Communicate and transmit real-time traffic information to the TMC regarding any incidents or emergencies upon occurrence and coordinate the response of other supporting emergency agencies
  • Initiate appropriate action per the incident response protocol including operation of life safety systems and coordinated response to on-road incidents with incident response personnel and external Agencies in accordance with approved IMP’s
  • Monitor roadway surface to ensure the tunnel is free from hazards and debris
  • Perform security monitoring of tunnel and equipment regularly
  • Participate in testing of TSI critical operational systems and tunnel emergency drills
  • Develop and maintain an expert working knowledge of the tunnel SCADA and TSCS control systems, including their criticality in performance monitoring, data accuracy, and availability metrics
  • Participate in frequent training opportunities including induction, cross skilling, toolbox, and NIMS
  • Keep work environment free of distractions
  • Participate in control room shift handover at end of every shift
  • Provide feedback on opportunities for implementing Better Way and Continuous Improvement
  • Assist with logging subcontractor and approved visitor access to the Project via the Tunnel Operations Center.
  • Avoids legal challenges by complying with federal, state, and local legal requirements.
  • Positively contribute to a diverse, inclusive and fair work environment, free from discrimination, bullying and harassment.
  • Carry out all duties in line with Company policies and procedures as amended from time to time.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Knowledge of traffic and real-time incident management operations (Preferred)
  • Must be driven to achieve and take great pride in providing a high level of service to tunnel patrons and the general public.
  • Must be able to change and adapt quickly within a constantly evolving and fast-paced work environment.
  • The candidate must possess strong focus and resilience working under pressure within very limited time constraints while balancing ongoing multiple priorities.
  • Ability to take appropriate action prior to arrival of first responders is a must. The individual should have strong communication skills.
  • The candidate will be flexible changing roles between leading as well as supporting other tunnel operators, responding entities, and maintenance response crews during all phases of incident management.
  • This position requires the ability to implement prescribed incident response emergency procedures. Must  have the ability to recognize hazards inherent in routine and non-routine tasks and make adjustments to avoid loss, injury or accident.
  • Must be able to observe safety requirements in the workplace. Must be able to think clearly and focus on your safety in your immediate surroundings, while using tools and equipment, driving, or operating equipment. Will be required to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) appropriate to the tasks per site policy.
  • Comfortable with the frequent use of communication equipment, i.e. two-way radios and landline telephones
  • Comfortable with entering real-time data via computers
  • Comfortable in the operation, control, viewing, and interpretation of static screen displays and video systems displaying real-time information, images, and events at variable distances
  • May change priorities frequently mid-task to provide an immediate response to events unfolding in real-time
  • Ability to process and analyse data for reports
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • An ability to liaise at all levels: with staff, incident response crews, maintenance crews, first responders, contractors, visitors
  • Must have the ability to recognize hazards inherent in tasks and avoid loss, injury or accident

Education and Experience

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • A minimum of three (3) years’ experience in a control center operations role providing critical, strategic infrastructure support services or related field
  • Moderate level computer skill with MS Excel and in the reading and interpretation of process flowcharts
  • Valid Driver’s License with good driving record essential
  • Prior work experience in a transportation management / traffic operations control center preferred Serious consideration will also be given to applicants with a background in one of the following critical, strategic control center environments: 911 operator, first responder support, casino security, energy utility, or military/intelligence operations.
  • Work Conditions / Physical Demands

Work Environment

  • Office and Field Environment
  • Limited Access Environments
  • 24/7 Operations-Nights, Weekends, Holidays, Overtime
  • Minimum travel required

Physical Demands

  • Prolonged periods of sitting
  • Prolonged periods of watching computer monitors
  • Minimum lifting-30 pounds

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24/7 Operations-Nights, Weekends, Holidays, Overtime

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