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09/29/2015 |

This week, we wrap up our series on ways you can save money with tips on how to save on utilities, transportation costs and more. Check our site often for more articles on your finances, education, your career, and other topics.

Power PlugCutting the Cord – on Costly Phone Services

One quick and easy way to save money is to switch out your costly phone service for one that’s less expensive. Try calling your current service provider to see if they offer any packages that are less expensive.

If your income is low enough, you may qualify for the CA Lifeline program. Lifeline service is available for either cellphones or landlines and may be free, or just a few bucks, depending on the service you ask for. You can learn more at

Saving Money on Other Utilities
If you’re behind on other utility bills like your gas and electric, go to the California Public Utilities website to learn how you can:
1. Lower the rates on certain bills through the Family Electric Rate Assistance plan (FERA)
2. Prevent your service from getting disconnected / reconnect service
3. Tips to reduce your utility usage for lower bills
4. Get free energy saving appliances
5. Learn more about other savings and rebates. Don’t wait until your service is cut off! You often can prevent disconnection if you negotiate your bill and take steps to lower your usage. Learn how at:


AMBULANCeKeep Your Medical Costs at a Healthy Level

Getting inexpensive (or in some cases free) medical insurance is easier than ever due to the Affordable Care Act. Remember, having low cost medical insurance today can protect you from sky high medical costs tomorrow if you or a family member has a medical emergency. See if you qualify at the CoveredCA website.



busRethinking Transportation

Even getting to work or an important job interview can take a bite out of your income. Save a little by:
1. Parking the car and taking MUNI or BART if it’s cheaper
2. Biking or walking to work. (This one is a two-fer saving tip; it’ll save you on gym costs also)
3. Carpooling or ridesharing with a coworker. It’s better for the planet and your wallet.
Muni has discounts for those with incomes under a certain level. Find out if you / your family qualify for the Muni Lifeline Pass. Seniors, youth, and the disabled also may be eligible. See if you qualify.

If you occasionally need a car but not always check out, a nonprofit car sharing service in the city.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYour Entire Family Should be Saving

Don’t forget to talk finances with your spouse and others living in your household. That includes the kiddies. Once the little ones understand why you’re cutting back, they may be less likely to ask you for nonessentials like that new outfit they way or that pricey cellphone / tablet.

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