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11/03/2020 |

Success Centers oversees 75 units of community housing in San Francisco. As part of our work, we assist residents with all kinds of human needs. Gina, a Service Coordinator, shares this story.

Working at Success Centers as a Service Coordinator comes naturally to me. I have a passion for helping others, and I have helped residents with a variety of things: making phone calls on their behalf regarding social security, medical care, child support, or student loans; inquiring about food bags; signing up families for backpack giveaways and school supplies; and more.

Due to COVID-19, many residents are falling behind on the rent due to job loss, making that the most significant need. I have been resourceful, reaching out to another agency to get the necessary funding to cover the rent. So far, every resident that has come to me in need of rental assistance has received it, with the biggest check covering not only back rent but also future rent for one family.

Recently, a mother of three who speaks limited English was having difficulty with her pandemic EBT card, which she needed to buy food to feed her family. The funds were available but for whatever reason she couldn’t access them. She had been trying to figure it out on her own for hours that turned into days, all with no luck. I don’t speak Spanish, but I took the time to listen to her. Together we made phone calls, and eventually we figured it out. She walked out of my office with the problem solved and immediately went shopping for food. I was still at work when she returned with bags of groceries, as happy as could be. She was accompanied by her son who thanked me for helping his mother, as well as for a backpack of school supplies.


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