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09/16/2015 |


This blog originally appeared on the “Above the Rim” website. It was written by Greg Johnson, an executive career coach.
Career Lessons From NBA Hall Of Fame Legend Moses Malone

On Sunday, September 13, 2015, NBA Hall of Fame Legend Moses Malone passed away at the age of 60. In a “Sports Illustrated” article, Frank Deford recounts how Moses Malone became basketball’s greatest rebounded. Moses ended his illustrious career with 27,409 points (eighth all-time) and 16,212 rebounds (fifth), adding three regular-season MVP awards, 12 All-Star appearances, and a championship – in 1983 with the Philadelphia 76ers.

“Ain’t no secrets about playing basketball. Who wants the ball more? Who wants the shot? Who wants the rebound? Go get it.” – Moses Malone

What does this have to do with your career? Everything. Who wants the rebound more? Who wants the job more? Who wants the promotion more? Go Get it! In Basketball, there are people who anticipate, position themselves and fight to get the rebound. Why? Because they want it more than others. It is the same way in careers. Many people stay where they are comfortable, and wait for the ball to come to them. They are not willing to do the extra work to give themselves an advantage. Some people want it more. They anticipate, think outside the box, put themselves in a position to grab the job or promotion.

Last night I was talking to someone who has been going through a protracted job search. He was saying how he has been doing everything he can, and just can’t get the job. I asked if he was active in a professional association, and he said no, he didn’t know of a good one. I asked what his target companies are, and he said, he didn’t have any, he just wanted a job, any company was OK. I asked if he was studying any skills or what he was reading to keep current in today’s market. He said, no, not really studying or reading anything in particular. I asked what he is doing, and he said filling out applications on line every day. The results? Almost non-existent. The problem? In basketball terms, he was standing flat footed, waiting for the ball to come to him. He was not anticipating. He was not moving himself and positioning himself strategically by networking his way into conversations with decision makers at target companies.

Ain’t no secrets about careers. Who wants the ball more? Who wants the job more? Who wants the promotion more? …… Go get it!

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