Meet George Waskey. As Success Centers’ Data Evaluation Specialist, George mostly works behind the scenes. But he is crucial to the smooth running of our programs. George makes it possible for us to understand how many people we serve, and to what extent. The information he provides helps us—as well as our supporters—to understand the impact of our work. You’ll find George at the Career Center, where he assists with day-to-day organizational and technical issues.

George came to Success Centers in 2015 to work in a temporary role, but was brought on full time! Between 2015 and 2017, he worked as a receptionist and soon after, a program assistant. He then left us to pursue other opportunities, but returned in 2019, growing into his current position. He continues to build his knowledge of the highly specialized world of data, taking courses with San Francisco’s TechSF Program.

In his spare time, George, under the name YKM, enjoys making and remixing music: trance, techno, reverse bass, hardstyle, darkcore, and club style. Check out his music at You can also follow George on Instagram at @ykm02 and on Facebook at @ykm.

“I love the people I work with,” George says. “Nobody could ask for a better team. I also enjoy helping our community. Our mission says it all! We are here to help and support the community. Without the community, we wouldn’t be here. That’s why we are considered the last house on the block!”

Congratulations George on being named Success Centers’ Employee of the Month for August 2021!