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07/01/2020 |

Success Centers serves as an intermediary for the courts and the justice systems to support young people fulfilling community service or service-learning hours. Our work has not stopped during the quarantine. We have produced four weeks of virtual programming. So far, eight individuals have participated, with each one earning five hours of credit per week.

A May 2020  session, led by Harold Atkins (pictured),  focused on the financial impact of crime. “I got them to re-think what it means to rebel against the system through crime,” said Harold. “Look at the impact. Many jobs wouldn’t exist without crime. We gave them a writing assignment, and one young man noted that crime actually feeds the system.” His complete response is below.

Companies Profiting Off Crime

  1. The Police Department would lose revenue without crime because they would have no one to arrest therefore eliminating the need for them.
  2. The company BAC tactical which makes numerous pieces of equipment for the police department would also lose money because without police it would cut a large consumer from them.
  3. Bob Barker company would also lose lots of money because they make almost all jail house and juvenile hall equipment ranging from mattresses to slippers and without crime there would be no jail and therefore no one buying that equipment.

Where Does the Money From Taxes Go?

If you get a ticket from city police the money will then go to that city and be used for many different things including criminal expenses, medical services, and more.

If your ticket was given by county officers it then goes to the county and so on. The money once given to the city or county is at their disposal for whatever they feel fit.

Success Centers continues to serve during the quarantine. It has changed the way we work. Harold observes, “I’ve been doing work serving the community for 25 years. It would be easy to say I know everything, but I’ll never have  all of the answers. I’m still working at being the best that I can be. I’m looking for new and better ways to connect with young people and to provide services. I’m using this time to get better at the technology so that we can deliver services now and in the future. The landscape has changed. If I don’t change with it, then there’s a possibility that I could be letting down a lot of my clients. I want to be as fluid and resilient as our community.”


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