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07/07/2015 |

success clipart1Lonnie Tuck, Deputy Director of the Western Addition Career Center, developed a relationship with a staffing agency looking to find warehouse workers for a cold storage company. Recruitment and prescreening events were advertised in search of qualified job seekers. One day, Denise came into office hearing about the events. Denise was not properly dressed for interviewing but assured Lonnie that she would go home, change her clothes into something appropriate and return on time. Denise returned an hour early and wanted Lonnie to check out her interview attire as well as assist her with the interview. Lonnie gave Denise a few techniques and she was offered the job. Upon leaving the interview, Denise repeatedly told Lonnie “I will not let you down”!   And she did not!

Denise was determined to bring her “A” game every day and she found that the employer recognized her hard work and dedication. Denise worked at Hello Fresh as a line worker for 5 months and was hired by HelloFresh as a supervisor where she remains today. Denise thanks the staff at the Career Center for keeping the faith and making this opportunity available, but we thank Denise for her endless dedication to herself.

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