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11/05/2015 |

success clipart1Andrew’s Story
Andrew first came to our BT Express program in January. He was referred to us by his probation officer. He was a 17-year-old who already was very active as a street racer. He’d even dropped out of school because he had dreams of joining a professional racing team. Unfortunately, he’d been arrested several times for truancy and had recently been released from juvenile detention for fighting at his school. Andrew clearly demonstrated patterns of aggressive behavior and needed help getting his life back on track.

When tested by Success Center SF, it was clear that he was bright and could finish his GED within a few short months if he really focused on his studies and worked on dealing with his anger. However, he was having difficulty showing up on time for his classes — each time he had a different reason for why he was late.

Undaunted, our staff worked closely with him and eventually was able to help Andrew see how his behavior was diminishing his chance to be successful. Once he came to this realization he began not only showing up on time, but on more than one occasion he was even at our campus before the staff members arrived.

Today, Andrew has successfully completed the program. He is now enrolled in a SAT prep program and has begun filling out college applications.

by Malik Ali

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