Playwriting for incarcerated youth is one of Success Centers’ core arts programs. Alsa Bruno, our Arts Program Coordinator, serves as a mentor for the young writers, and occasionally as an actor for the concluding performances. He shares this story.


“We’ll have the job description pulled up, and what’s different is we’ll have questions from the audience of job seekers,” White says. “We want to have a good retention rate. We don’t only want people hired at these companies, but we want them to feel comfortable and safe and … to be a good fit there.”


In 2019, Success Centers was selected by the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development to disburse grant funds from the city’s Western Addition Community Stabilization Fund. “From the start, we wanted to make sure that these funds got into the hands of those we knew could use the financial support and some guidance to do good,” explains Adrian.


Throughout the year we gather our community in celebrations of all kinds. Whether you are a long-time member of our family or just getting to know us, you are invited. Come be inspired, entertained, and energized.


Montel Williams sat down with our very own Liz Jackson-Simpson and Angela White! Diversity in Action — check it out.


A May 2020  session, led by Harold Atkins,  focused on the financial impact of crime. “I got them to re-think what it means to rebel against the system through crime,” said Harold.


Liz Jackson-Simpson & Angela White (Success Centers). Liz, CEO of Success Centers, and Angela, SC’s Equity for Industry program manager, join Mike and MJ via Zoom to talk about the unique support system they’ve created for social equity applicants, and how they work hard every day to make the world a fairer, better place.


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If you want to put your buying dollars to good use, here are 20 black-owned cannabis businesses that you can support.

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On June 15, our various locations will be open at our regular office hours for appointments only. Schedule an appointment for our services here. Events and programs will still be available online. Check out our June calendar to see what’s coming up!


Righting the wrongs caused by the proverbial “War on Drugs” has been the catalyst behind numerous equity initiatives that have popped up in myriad legal markets in recent years. An excellent example is the San Francisco Bay Area-based Success Centers’ Equity for Industry Training workshop…


Success Centers, providing equity and equality in the cannabis space. Read more at hightimes.com


Earn a $50 stipend! Sign up now for the Virtual Freestyle Cypher, an interactive hip hop workshop for youth ages 18 and up, lead by Max Kline and Jonah Scott, the founders of Rhythmic Minds.

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“To build wealth within the equity community, you’ve got to open the door and create opportunity that is intentional,” says Liz Jackson-Simpson of Success Centers.


Join us next Wednesday, April 29, for our first virtual Employer Spotlight featuring Homebridge and Brightstar Care. Now hiring Care Providers in SF and Oakland.
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It is time for marginalized communities hit hardest by the war on drugs get jobs in the burgeoning legal cannabis business.


If you manage a business or work in San Francisco and have been impacted by COVID-19, we are here to help with information and resources, so please check back often. Presented by OWED.


Safeway, Amazon, Good Egg’s, and many other employers come to our sites in San Francisco, Oakland, and South SF every week for Employer Spotlights. Check out all the employers coming this month and what jobs are available.


As a joint initiative between the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development and the Western
Addition Community Stabilization Fund, this grant program is aimed at creating opportunities for individuals living, working, and participating in everyday life in the Western Addition. Selected projects will receive grants between $1,000 and $5,000 to cover project-related expenses including translation, hiring of artists, landscapers, and other professionals that can assist in the implementation of a project.
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APPLICATIONS DUE: Monday March 30th By 5:00pm

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