A Play by Abigail Hoefert

Performance: July, 2002
Community School South, East Palo Alto

Character: Jubilee – a tiger,
Chaka –  a tiger, King of the Jungle
Time: 2:57 pm
Place: Jungle in the meadow
At Rise: Jubilee and her father are wandering around the meadow searching for food by themselves.  Separately.


I can’t believe this.  I’m pregnant.  What’s my dad going to say?   He’ll be so disappointed.  How could I tell him?  Or should I?  He’ll find out sooner or later.  I feel confused and lonely.  I have nobody to talk to.   I wish someone could give me advice.  I love Polo, but my dad won’t accept him.  Just because of his rank.  Why can’t he just understand that love comes from the inside, and not by someone’s status…  If I tell dad, I won’t be part of the family.  If I don’t, he’s gonna find out anyway.  I want the best for me but he won’t realize that Polo is the best for me.  How will I make him understand?  He won’t   I don’t know why I’m thinking he will.


Could things get any worse?  First, I break my claw.  Then I miss that zebra and my daughter is hiding something from me.   I don’t know anymore.   Life is screwed up.  So many people wish they could be me, but little do they know it’s very difficult to be the King of the Jungle.  There are so many responsibilities.  I wish I could just take the day off.   I’m tired.

Chaka: Have you found anything?

Not a thing.


Maybe we’ll try later.  (They start walking back to the cave.)

Jubilee: I have to tell you something.  I’m gonna just come right out and say it.  I’m pregnant with Polo’s baby.
Chaka: What do you mean?  I don’t get what you’re saying.

I’m pregnant and I’m about to have our baby in two days.

Chaka: What?  Why didn’t you tell me this before?  How could you be so irresponsible?  Why did you decide to tell me now?
Jubilee: I didn’t want you to be mad at me.
Chaka: How could you?  Do you know what this will do to my reputation, I mean our reputation?
Jubilee: Aren’t you happy for me?
Chaka: You totally went against my orders.  I just can’t believe  you.   Does anybody else know?
Jubilee: No, just me and Polo. 
Chaka: Did you even think of what would happen?
Jubilee: Not really?
Chaka: I don’t want you to see Polo anymore.  He is an outsider and will not be accepted in our pack.
Jubilee: But who will be the father of our child?
Chaka: You will give your newborn to Aunt Jiki.

How dare you try to set a future for me?  Why can’t you be a real father and accept who I love.


How dare you speak to me this way?  You have gone against our family rules and traditions.


Why can’t you just be happy for me, for once?

Chaka: Jubilee, you know I love you but you are going to have to choose.
Jubilee: What do you mean?
Chaka: Either you stay here, give your aunt the baby and leave Polo or leave your pack and live with Polo.  What is it going to be?
Jubilee: Why are you doing this to me?  I should have never told you.
Chaka: You need to make a decision before we get back to the cave.
Jubilee: But wait a minute.  If I leave, it’s going to look bad on you.  It’s going to make it look like you don’t know how to handle your own kids.  So, what make them think you can handle the jungle?
Chaka: Girl, you lost your mind.  You know who I am.  Why are you talking to me like this?  You never spoke to me this way.
Jubilee: Daddy, I’m sorry.  (Crying.)  Everything just happened.  I just wanted everything to be right.
Chaka: What do you mean?  Do you want me to accept everything and act like nothing happened?  As if you weren’t pregnant from somebody from another pack – an outsider.  You know you’re supposed to wait for me to pick you a man.  Your man has to earn the privilege to be the king’s daughter.  He just can’t hit it and quit it. 
Jubilee: What do you mean hit it and quit it?  That makes me feel dirty.  He is willing to earn the privilege of joining our pack.  Which also means risking his life of leaving the other pack just o be with me.  He loves me and I love him too.
Chaka: He’s willing to risk his life just to be with you.
Jubilee: Of course.  I would do the same.
Chaka: Well, that’s just what you have to do.  ‘Cause you are not gonna stay here with Polo and embarrass your father.  I really wanted you to follow in my foot steps and rule the jungle.  Just like I want you to.  I’ve been teaching you and preparing you on how to rule this jungle and I expect you to do just that.
Jubilee: What about what I want.  You never asked me if that’s what I wanted to do.
Chaka: I shouldn’t have to ask.  It’s already expected of you.
Jubilee: What did you have this planned out before I was born?  Did you have kids to follow in you footsteps or to love?  Because I always wanted you to love me and accept me for who I am and who I love.  That’s what I’ve always wanted.
Chaka: (Big roar).  Why is this so complicated!  Can’t you just listen to what I say and agree with it?  “m the King and your father.  You should accept what I say…  I’m surprised you’re telling me this at the last minute and I never thought you would do something like this.   I feel disappointed because I always wanted to be able to trust you.  I’m really confused cause I don’t know exactly how to handle this.  I feel stuck.  I could lose my pride or I can lose you.  I’m so angry cause you’ve gone against my words.  I’m really sad cause I’m gonna lose you.
Jubilee: You won’t lose me if you let me stay.  But I’m not gonna let you come in between my baby and the love of my life – even if I have to lose you. 
(Jubilee leaves the pack and walks away.)
    The End.