Since 2005, our Academic Study Halls have been the only one-on-one, detention-based academic tutoring programs in the Bay Area. Our students give up their recreation time to participate in our weekly, year-round program, helping them develop academic, career, and life goals, which include obtaining a high school diploma or GED, preparing for the college placement tests, and advancing much needed math and English skills. Success Center staff work closely with the school departments to determine each students’ academic goals, ensuring a continuum of care. Through the matching strategy, students form strong trust-based relationships with their mentors, trained community volunteers, developing important social-emotional skills that empower them to evaluate life choices, take ownership of their decisions, and integrate new coping skills into their lives. Through one-on-one mentoring youth acquire key academic skills like reading proficiency, critical thinking, and problem-solving and organizational skills (time management and executive functioning). Programs like our Academic Study Hall, which focus on structured learning and concrete educational achievements, are known to lower recidivism rates.