Equity for Industry Program Manager

Angela White is Success Centers’ Equity for Industry Program Manager. Her focus is developing sustainable career and entrepreneurial paths previously less accessible to communities impacted by inequality and the War on Drugs. Since 2018, Angela has developed an incredible array of workshops, resources, and growth opportunities for community members and Success Centers partners seeking to establish their equitable participation in the rapidly expanding cannabis industry. She offers community members career assessments and coaching, job placement, access to on-the-job training, and job training for employment in the cannabis industry. In addition, she assists verified equity applicants in obtaining the critical business experience, educational resources, and toolsets required to develop sustainable business models and achieve entrepreneurial success.

Angela’s development and implementation of the Budding Industry Job Shop and Equity for Industry Workshop has forged the gold standard of equitable cannabis workforce and business development events. Angela is also responsible for Success Centers’ partnership with Oaksterdam University, MD Farms, and many other entities, providing opportunities for community members to engage in these preeminent cannabis business tracks through scholarship.

A Bay Area local and a graduate of Oaksterdam University, Angela draws from pioneering experience in cannabis entrepreneurship under California’s Proposition 215 medical marijuana program and the recently implemented AUMA adult-use regulatory framework. Angela helped launch one of the first MMJ collectives in East Palo Alto and later a MMJ dispensary in San Jose. Angela’s first-hand knowledge of the many facets in day-to-day work performed at startups in the space—cultivation and budtending, retail design and staffing, dispatching drivers and office management—forms the foundation of her mentorship with aspiring new employees, businesses, and equity entrepreneurs.

Angela and Success Centers’ Equity for Industry program have received extensive national media coverage in Forbes, Ladies of Paradise, California Leaf, Different Leaf, Emerald Magazine, Cannabis Business Times, Merry Jane, and High Times, to name a few.