breaking-barrieres-12_2016-photo-1-1Connecting people to resources that lead to jobs

On Saturday November 12th, 2016 the Western Addition Career Center, along with West Side Community Services and the Street Violence Intervention Program, held an interactive resource fair at the Fillmore-Turk Mini Park. The fair showed some community love and appreciation to the neighborhood! There were performances by local artists, delicious barbeque cooked by longtime residents of the Fillmore, raffle prizes, and great company. The Breaking Barriers fair series is geared towards helping individuals remove barriers that are preventing them from finding employment. The fair had a great turnout! There were 92 people that stopped by and registered to participate in services that were being offered.

Barriers to Employment: Communication

Some of the barriers keeping people from finding work are basic necessities, like having a stable home to live in. if a job seeker is lacking stable housing, it may make it more difficult for them to be contacted by potential employers and they may lose a possible work opportunity. For readers that may be in this situation, you can overcome this barrier by using an address of a local church. Contact the church first to make sure they can accommodate your request. Try to avoid using P.O. boxes as this may be seen as unprofessional. If you have any close friends or relatives, ask them if they would mind you using their address until you get yourself established. Having regular access to an email address and a computer can also provide a barrier to those that are seeking employment. For those that may have a barrier accessing a computer with Internet, local libraries may provide some relief as you gather resources. Many libraries have computers and laptops that can be checked out for a few hours at a time. The Success Center San Francisco located at 1449 Webster Street can also provide free use of computers and access to the Internet for job search. Simply register with the Center and visit during the regular Center business hours.

Service Providers

Some of the service providers in attendance at the fair included Westside Community Health Services, The Western Addition Career Center, and a new partner, Hospitality House. Westside Community Health Services provide infant, child, adolescent, and adult health services ranging from physical wellbeing to mental wellness. The Success Center San Francisco provides educational opportunities, as well as access to workshops and job counseling that will lead to obtaining employment.. Hospitality House provides housing, employment, and opportunities for self-expression through their arts program.

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For more information on services available to you free of charge, please contact the Success Center Career Center at 415-549-7000 or send an email

Jacqueline Brown joined the McCarthy And Success Center as an AmeriCorps Vista Member in 2016. She is currently a candidate for the Masters in Public Health degree at USF. In 2015, Jackie graduated from Northern Arizona University with her Bachelors of Science in Health Sciences, Public Health and minored in Biology and Health Coaching. She interned with the Center of American Indian Resilience, working on renal dialysis diets. Her special interests include food insecurity, health disparities, education, and SciFi movies.