Success Centers offers training in the skills that lead to meaningful employment for young people ages 16 to 24. At every step, we meet the various needs of our participants. Participants often engage in New Directions programs while also completing their education at Success Centers.

Code On Point

Code On Point is a 41 week 3 phase bootcamp that offers a well of opportunity and incentives, which allows the trainee to choose their path in Design, IT and Web Development. The program is mostly remote at this time (although in person attendance may be required at one point) and will include a capstone project at the end of each phase.

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Phase 1

This phase lasts for 17 weeks, and qualifying participants* will receive a Macbook Air upon completion. In this phase, trainees will have an overview of IT, Design and Web Development before their choice of subject matters in Phase 2. This phase has a capstone for each of its modules (IT has the CompTIA A+ Certification Exam, and Design and Web Development have assignments on a class to class basis).

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Phase 2

This phase lasts for 12 weeks, and qualifying participants will receive a 100 dollar a week stipend for different expenses. In this phase, trainees will choose IT, Design or Web Development and go deep inside of the selected one. This phase will culminate with a more specialized project capstone. Additional incentives include paid certifications for Google Python Automation and Google IT Support certificates in the IT path.

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Phase 3

This phase lasts for 12 weeks, and qualifying participants will be paid 16.32/hr for actual work-place based projects and/or subsidized employment with some of our partners.

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*Qualifying participants refers to participants in the 16 to 24 age range. Participants outside of this age range may still participate in the program, but will not qualify for the incentive. Exclusions may apply.

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Young Adult Subsidized Employment

Young adults receive 500 hours of subsidized on-the-job training at Success Centers as preparation for transition to full-time employment. Our staff provides training, mentorship, and support as participants learn and practice professional skills. Contact Manuela Aviles to learn more.


Throughout the year we offer events focusing on the myriad of needs and opportunities for young people seeking employment, including:

  • Career assessment, resume preparation, interview skills
  • Job fairs, employer spotlights, and job placement
  • Life skills, health and wellness, financial literacy, support groups
  • Marketable skill development
  • College preparation and applications

Events vary by location.