Success Centers offers training in the skills that lead to meaningful employment for young people ages 16 to 24. At every step, we meet the various needs of our participants. Participants often engage in New Directions programs while also completing their education at Success Centers.

Code On Point

Code on Point empowers low-income, disconnected, and marginalized youth with the skills and confidence to prepare them for the fourth industrial revolution. Participants enjoy multiple opportunities to earn industry-recognized certifications, build competency in multiple technology subsets, and foster soft skills to help them with an upward professional trajectory.

Phase 1: "Expose and Inform" - 16 Weeks

Participants are introduced to the basics of computers, learning through the CompTIA IT fundamentals course work to prepare them for the ITF+ certification exam. Once they complete their ITF+ training or certification, they move on to learn and/or earn certifications in Social Media Management, and the fundamental application of coding languages such as CSS, JavaScript, HTML and Block-Chain.

Once the student completes their 14th week of training, they are expected to create projects and perform services such as a mobile application, website, refurbished computer, or optimized social media for a non-profit agency. On the date of graduation, “demo day,” the youth can expect to present their final projects to an audience comprised of Success Center staff, representatives from training programs across the city, and most importantly, employers from the technology community.

Phase 2: "Hands On" - 12 Weeks

The entire 12 weeks will be dedicated to project-based learning and developing products for local businesses and/or non-profits. We want the youth to amass as many projects as possible to showcase in their portfolio or GitHub. Youth will also be gaining valuable experience in how to manage customer relationships, customer service, service orientation, time management, and a host of other transferrable skills which prepare them for transition into a “Tech Job”. The goal during this phase is to place our youth in an internship, unsubsidized employment opportunity, or a subsidized employment opportunity.

Phase 3: "Apply" and "In the Field" - 12 Weeks

Participants will be placed in a subsidized employment positions comparable to a Web Development Associate, IT Help Desk Support Associate or Junior Social Media Manager for 20 hours per week, earning an entry level wage. During their subsidized employment, participants will be managed by a team of professionals who will guide, develop and tool them in their respective areas of focus.

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Young Adult Subsidized Employment

Young adults receive 400 hours of subsidized on-the-job training at Success Centers as preparation for transition to full-time employment. Our staff provides training, mentorship, and support as participants learn and practice professional skills. Contact to learn more.


Throughout the year we offer events focusing on the myriad of needs and opportunities for young people seeking employment, including:

  • Career assessment, resume preparation, interview skills
  • Job fairs, employer spotlights, and job placement
  • Life skills, health and wellness, financial literacy, support groups
  • Marketable skill development
  • College preparation and applications

Events vary by location.