Success Centers provides comprehensive work development resources for marginalized community members. Programs and resources vary by location. Check out the calendar for upcoming events. If you’re unsure about what you need and how we can help, contact us here.

Equity for Industry

Success Centers works to ensure that marginalized community members have opportunities to enter the cannabis industry. Our programs help employers and job candidates meet the equity mandate, as delineated in San Francisco’s legislation.

Local and state policymakers are seeking to use the emerging cannabis industry as an opportunity for economic social justice, training people from communities of color in the skills required to be certified for work in the sector. Equity for Industry aims to be a model for other cities and jurisdictions throughout California.

Our lead programs include:

  • Equity for Industry Workshop — Informative sessions for equity applicants, small business start-ups, and job seekers. Learn about cannabis from industry leaders, everything from professional advice to how to start your business.
  • Budding Industry Job Shop — Learn about open job opportunities from cannabis companies around the Bay Area.
  • Cannabis Resume Clinic – 20 minute one-on-one Resume Assistance Sessions for cannabis job seekers.
To learn more, contact:
Angela White
Reba Phillips
The Equity for Industry Program has been featured on numerous podcasts and articles. Read more…



Our Construction program is a pathway to meaningful employment for Bay Area residents. We offer one series for young people ages 18 to 24 and another for individuals who are 25 and older. Participants learn hard skills in construction and related trades, and also receive wraparound services including life skills training, assistance with academic study, case management, career coaching, and job placement and retention services. Participants graduate with basic skills in construction trades and earn NCCER-recognized certifications.

With our long history in workforce development, we have built substantial relationships with employers and trade unions. These relationships provide our participants with direct access to jobs as well as the information needed to forecast demand and identify changes in skill needs and employment opportunities as labor markets fluctuate.

A cornerstone of the program is a safe and supportive community. Using practices developed through evidence-based research, we create an effective learning environment led by front-line staff with backgrounds similar to those of our participants.

Click here to see the program flyer.

To learn more, contact:
Derrie McClure – 415-943-8205


Project Reconnect

If you are on probation with the Alameda County Probation Department, we can help you as you return to community. We will be with you every step of the way as you learn new skills, undertake job readiness training, and enter the workforce. You will receive financial incentives, and you are guaranteed employment upon completion of the program. To learn more, contact Dominique Stean at

Career Coaching

We will customize a plan for you, starting with an assessment that fulfills U.S. Department of Labor guidelines and continuing to comprehensive case management. Your plan will specify goals, barriers, and support needed to develop a career path. We will guide you through the entire process, preparing you for work and then giving you a warm hand off to a potential employer.

Success Centers has developed a network of more than 300 employer partners, including Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies. If you are hired, we will maintain contact with you for up to a year to ensure that you achieve success.

Employer Spotlights

Our Employer Spotlights connect jobseekers to employers such as Amazon, Safeway, CVS, United Airlines, and California Pacific Medical Center. Whether it’s a hiring event or an information session, our spotlights are a great way to learn what employers are looking for and to access local opportunities.

Employer Spotlights are hosted at the Career Center and the Family & Career Service Center. Check out the Calendar for upcoming events.

Job Fairs

Success Centers conducts hiring fairs, one in partnership with Mayor’s Youth Jobs+ in San Francisco, that can connect you with employers actively offering employment opportunities. Most fairs feature more than 40 employers and hundreds of openings. We can also refer you to other job fairs, both inside and outside the areas we serve.

For more info about our job fairs please send an email to