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Black Leaders Step Up To Battle Inequity In The Cannabis Industry

In San Francisco, the cannabis industry is booming with opportunity. But many people from marginalized community groups feel that they are being left out of this exciting and lucrative business opportunity…

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This is the story of a business that is much more than a business, and a film that is much more than a film.

It begins in 2010, when Tyrone Mullins, a public housing resident in San Francisco’s Western Addition, realized the city’s new zero-waste ordinance could be an opportunity to help the environment while…

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Psychedelic And Cannabis Industry Insiders Offer A 2020 Retrospective

“When I think of this industry and all that has been placed upon us in 2020, I see resilience and promise for better days!” Angela White, Equity for Industry Program Manager at Success Centers, is optimistic as she muses on the massive strides the cannabis industry has made regarding equity in 2020…

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Young Workers Build Homes, Build Skills and Build Prospects

This October, Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco’s latest affordable homebuilding project is getting a boost from an energetic team of young people training to enter the building trades. “We’re thrilled to renew this partnership with Habitat,” said Success Centers’ Program Manager Tracy Green.

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Hella High – The Cannabis Community’s Guardian Angel, Angela White

Bay Area native and social equity evangelist, Angela White is one of the most highly regarded individuals in the cannabis community….

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What Equity in Cannabis Should Look Like

“I’m glad we have allies out there that are rallying around the cause and want to support the motion of Black Lives Matter but this is what our organization was founded on and the Black community has been oppressed since the conception of the country. We’re not new to this, this is our life’s work — we are proactive in changing the systems in a hands on way to make sure people are moving.” – Liz

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California Leaf – The Equity Issue

“I’m hoping that in the future, we will come across investors who truly believe in the inclusiveness and fairness of the Cannabis culture.”

Liz and Angela make an appearance in this month’s issue of California Leaf.
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Can Pot Jobs Boost the US Economy? – Different Leaf: the Podcast

Angela is featured on this episode of the podcast Different Leaf to talk about cannabis jobs and providing opportunities to marginalized communities.



“Code on Point” at Success Centers


In this week’s blog, our outgoing VISTA Community Liaison, Sudeepto Chakraborty, recounts his experience of working with the Success Centers, a leader throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for education, employment and art programs. With his research and development hat on, Sudeepto speaks to the challenges of working with the Education, Employment & Training Center (EETC) to deliver his final project—the Code on Point curriculum.
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Making of an Entrepreneur


Success Center’s Entrepreneurship in a Nutshell Program is a collaboration between USF Professor Vivian Faustino-Pulliam, USF MBA Program, the Success Centers‘ Equity for Industry Program, and several Success Centers’ employer partners. Keith Bynum, the winner of the first “Start-up Pitch Night” is the focus of this week’s blog.
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Success Centers Helps Fill Dispensary Jobs in the Bay Area with a Focus on Social Equity


The California-based organization connects employers with qualified job seekers and has helped cannabis companies find candidates under San Francisco’s Equity Program. Read more…




Let’s Be Blunt with Montel Williams feat. Liz & Angela


Montel Williams sat down with our very own Liz Jackson-Simpson and Angela White! Diversity in Action — check it out.

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Liz Jackson-Simpson & Angela White (Success Centers). Liz, CEO of Success Centers, and Angela, SC’s Equity for Industry program manager, join Mike and MJ via Zoom to talk about the unique support system they’ve created for social equity applicants, and how they work hard every day to make the world a fairer, better place.



Black-Owned Cannabis Businesses You Can Support Right Now

If you want to put your buying dollars to good use, here are 20 Black-owned cannabis businesses that you can support. Read more…

The San Francisco bay-area is home to Success Centers. The organization’s goal is to offer education and tools to disenfranchised communities in order to enter the cannabis space. “To build wealth within the equity community, you’ve got to open the door and create an opportunity that is intentional,” Liz Jackson-Simpson of Success Centers told Green Entrepreneur in an interview.




Problems Beset San Francisco Cannabis Equity Initiative, COVID-19 Aside

Righting the wrongs caused by the proverbial “War on Drugs” has been the catalyst behind numerous equity initiatives that have popped up in myriad legal markets in recent years. An excellent example is the San Francisco Bay Area-based Success Centers’ Equity for Industry Training workshop, which helps those on the margins enter the legal cannabis industry.
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Higher Profiles: Liz Jackson-Simpson & Angela White

Two years ago Jackson-Simpson brought in Angela White, a graduate of Oaksterdam University in Oakland, White is a pioneer in cannabis in California in her own right. She helped launch one of the first Medical Marijuana collectives under California’s Proposition 215 in East Palo Alto; then opened a dispensary in San Jose, bringing first-hand knowledge from the industry to Success Centers.
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Interview: Angela White of Success Centers on Getting Jobs in Cannabis for Marginalized Communities

It is time for marginalized communities hit hardest by the war on drugs get jobs in the burgeoning legal cannabis business. We chat with Angela White about helping marginalized communities getting involved in the cannabis business and what more can be done to help them. On this 4/20, people considering making the jump into the business may need advice on how to do so and Angela White can help. Read more…




New Navigation Center in San Francisco aimed at homeless youth

SAN FRANCISCO (KTVU) – San Francisco leaders announced on Wednesday the opening of a new Navigation Center aimed at getting homeless young people on the right path…

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District 3 neighbors mixed on proposed navigation center for homeless youth

Residents of Districts 3 and 6 have mixed feelings about a proposal to convert a long-vacant building on the Northeast corner of Post and Hyde into a 75-bed navigation center for transitional youth…

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