Located at 156 S. Spruce Ave #146 South San Francisco, CA 94080
HI-KEY is Success Center’s San Mateo access center for youth ages 15-24 in South San Francisco, offering wraparound services for education and employment opportunities.

Ongoing Programs Every Week:

To RSVP for HI-KEY weekly programs, please contact Manuela Aviles.
415-688-7970 | maviles@successcenters.org

In addition to the weekly ongoing programs, the HI-KEY also host various Employer Spotlight events.
Check our events page to see what’s coming up.

Youth Job Readiness Training – Mondays 2:30pm

Training workshops helping students ages 15-24 prepare for meaningful careers. The course provides basic life skills training necessary and teaches how to obtain and create important documents, such as social security cards, driver’s licenses/state Ids, and resumes. These documents are crucial for a young person’s long-term success in their employment and educational goals, connecting them to meaningful careers. They’ll learn how to work productively, both independently and in team environments, and other essential soft/hard business skills including time management, problem-solving, business communication, and more. Other training topics for participants include: financial literacy, health and wellness, and college/career readiness.

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YouTube Class: Learn Video Production – Tuesdays 1:30pm

Come to the HI-KEY on Tuesdays to learn video production!


  • Create High Content Videos
  • Edit Videos
  • Optimize videos for SEO
  • How to Rank Videos

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Probation Support Group – Wednesdays 3:30pm

This support group is designed to offer youth strategic solutions to successfully discharging off probation. Our goal is to help youth clearly understand the goals of the probation department, while also understanding how to set and follow through on one’s own personal goals while on probation.

Some of the topics covered in this support group includes:

  • What does it mean to be on probation? Clearer understanding of Probation Conditions
  • Recidivism (the connection between poverty & crime)
  • What is a technical violation?
  • And more

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Application Workshops

Participants will learn how to utilize soft skills with technology to enhance job searching capabilities.

  • How to make a professional Email account
  • How to leave a professional voice mail
  • How to apply for jobs online
  • How to send a thank you letter after a job interview

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