08/29/2022 |

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Success Centers’ Early Morning Study Academy (EMSA) held its 26th Annual Graduation Ceremony alongside its 5th Annual Construction Graduation on July 27, 2022. In partnership with John Muir Charter School, the dual ceremonies were hosted by the San Francisco Elks Club Lodge #3 inside the Kensington Park Hotel in San Francisco. This celebration honored 11 graduates from both John Muir Charter School and the Success Centers’ Construction Program. Twenty-two graduates completed the programs, however, a few graduates were unable to secure time off from their NEW JOBS IN CONSTRUCTION to attend the ceremony!

The ceremony was emceed by Success Centers’ Chief Executive Officer, Liz Jackson-Simpson. The Invocation was delivered by Success Centers’ Board Secretary Elliot Beckelman, Esq., and was officiated by Dawn McConnell, Chief Operating Officer for John Muir Charter School. The ceremony included previous program graduate guest speakers, current community members in the construction field and a Salutatorian speech by construction program & high school diploma graduate Gabriel Leonberger (yes, he achieved both). The ceremony’s Keynote address was delivered by Stacey Ned, the first black female Journeyman Electrician and Foreman to ever work on the Golden Gate Bridge (Local 6).

Thank you to all of the volunteers, the Elks Club Lodge #3 and all of the participants for your continued support.


Please click here to view photos from the graduation ceremony!