03/18/2024 |

A photo of Geoffrey Simpson

In 2018 Geoffrey Simpson, Jr. worked in the San Francisco Unified School District as a substitute teacher / paraprofessional. Later that year, he accepted the offer to work with Success Centers to help conceptualize and develop the construction programs’ curriculum in the primary role of Math Instructor. In this role, he helped develop the programs’ NCCR and MC3 certifications curriculums, coordinating efforts with the other instructors on concept and implementation. He continued in that role until he was asked to transition to the Education Division where his curriculum development and design skills were needed in the role of Alternate Education Coordinator. He did not completely leave the construction program and worked in both areas simultaneously teaching math, digital literacy, and trades. In the Education Division’s Early Morning Study Academy (EMSA) he taught arts, Job Readiness Training, digital literacy, and tutored students. He learned the John Muir Charter School Odessey Web program (a virtual learning platform where students work can be monitored and reviewed), to find a more efficient approach to teaching. Although he was the instructor, he remained “hands on” with the curriculum and strategic development.

To increase student participants, Geoff began creating visually appealing flyers to distribute in the community, with partners and online to provide information on the construction program. That flyer campaign increased participants by about 25%. During their intake orientation, 60% of the students stated that they learned about the program from one of Geoff’s flyers. His development continued as an instructor when he stepped in to immerse himself into the instructor role during a co-worker’s leave of absence. His presence, time and connection with the students increased as did his responsibilities. “I felt like the school assistant principal.”

Geoff continues to incorporate new and innovative ideas like the sound studio, and different art techniques including an art wall to showcase student works. “The students wanted to go on field trips to various local interactive venues, so we did. This is a fun way to continue learning that doesn’t feel like learning. I love developing new strategies to learn, finding different techniques and understanding different learning styles.” Geoff takes great pride in and enjoys his role with developing new strategies to teach, using innovative and creative techniques to help students conceptualize what they are learning. Seeing a students’ eyes light up when they say, “oh yeah, I get it.” makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Six months ago, he became a doggy dad. In April, Geoff is marrying the love of his life. Last week he performed in interlude of free form music in Las Vegas. His interest, talents and abilities are limitless.

On behalf of his colleagues at Success Centers, please join us in congratulating Geoffrey on this esteemed honor.

Congratulations Geoff!