05/16/2024 |

A photo of Valerie Cook

13 years ago, Valerie Cook left her consultant position at the YMCA when asked by Liz Jackson Simpson to take on the role of Director of I.T. The two had worked together at the “Y” for some time during which Valerie exemplary skills in I.T. proved that she would be a tremendous asset to Success Centers growth and development.

“There have been significant technological advancements in the last decade, which add to the end users experience, helping to make access to information easier, more efficient, secure, and convenient from any kind of device. For Success Centers, our technological advancements started from scratch. “There were no grant funds to support the I.T. development needed, so we started by leveraging partner donations and other resources and soon set up our first student computer lab. This lab was made up of 10 desktops, 10 monitors, and 1 desktop printer; we used Microsoft Windows XP! 13 years later, all of our students and clients have access to the resources needed to complete their education and become gainfully employed.”

The future of I.T. is going into A.I. for sure. Valerie is working to ensure that Success Centers staff and organization tap into this future to increase our abilities and functionalities, so that we all can utilize this resource safely, ethically and effectively, without compromising our professional integrity.

Valerie takes great pride in her customer service role with Success Centers, helping others learn something that they did not already know. “It’s a mathematical equation that I love to solve; every day is different from the day before!”

Val just celebrated her first wedding anniversary and loves to travel. Through the years this passion has taken her to South Africa, Germany, Prague, Paris, England, Barbados, Hawaii, and many other destinations. What’s next on this mom of 2 and grandmother of 4’s travel plans? Niagara Falls!

On behalf of Success Centers staff, please join us in celebrating Valerie Cook as our May Employee of the Month!! GO VAL!!