Written by: Pablo



Determined the White Tiger, Male age 22

Moody the Gray Rabbit, Male age 28 years old (Determined’s Brother.)

SETTING: A snowy cave in Alaska. It smells damp. The cave looks like vanilla ice cream. It feels cold. The walls are ice sheets. You can hear a snow blizzard out and taste the best Ice water.

TIME: 4:00 pm on a winter day

CONFLICT: White Tiger wants to make a difference in his community by helping others survive in the wild Alaska. But Moody the Rabbit wants to move away some place warmer and doesn’t want to leave his brother behind.


Loyalty is everything to me. And loyalty to your family and friends is the most important thing you can have in this world. Loyalty is something you give first and receive


But you have to stay loyal to everything you believe in. I want a better world. I want to help other tigers survive in this cold world. I want to be a mentor to other animals like me. Not that many tigers are making it these days. I want to see more of them from the struggle find their purpose and a better way in life. Seeing animals freeze to death is something else. I’m getting tired of seeing it. I want to see more animals live and prosper.


I need a fresh start. I want to move somewhere else to have a better chance at life, to find the right path and to find my mate. Alaska isn’t cutting it. I need some place warmer that will make me feel happy and feel like I made it. I’m not trying to freeze to death out here. This cold weather is no good for my fractured foot. This isn’t a place for raising a family. Trust me, I know. I want to start a family in a place that’s warmer and safer. A place where my kids will never have to worry about my freezing to death or going hungry for months. But my kids are going need their extended family, their Uncle Tiger. Maybe he can find someone out there too and settle down. Start a family like me and we could be neighbors. And for the first time in a long time live a happy life


My older brother Moody the Rabbit doesn’t like my dream because he thinks that the other animals will make it on their own just like we did. But we struggled through it. He wants me to move with him, away from my support. He’s asking me to move with him to a place where I know I won’t grow. I’m feeling peer pressure to do this. I don’t think this move will help me fulfill my dreams of helping this world become a better place for tigers. He thinks I should just focus on my own life. I can’t just abandon everything I started. I feel confused about if I should stay and help out everyone here or leave with my brother and start a new


Having kids is important to me because I want to give them something I’ve never had. I want to be the father to them that I never had. I want to be there for them and start a legacy. I want to give them my last name and create a new and improved generation. The place where I want to move is too far for me to travel alone. I need my brother’s help. Why does he have to be so stubborn? Why can’t he just leave this place? Why doesn’t he trust me and listen to my dreams for a change?


But something in my heart is telling me to try and help others. I don’t want my bro to get mad at me because he is my life. He is the only one in this world that has always stayed by my side and believed in me. But now he is questioning my dreams? I feel let down and disappointed. He is my big brother. He’s supposed to support me. I don’t want to loose my bro. But I don’t want to give up on my dreams either