A Play by Acie G.

CHARACTERS: Boogalu, the dollar bill, printed 50 years ago  Pooda, the five dollar bill, printed 25 years ago, Boogalu’s little brother
SETTING: A hot summer day in the Nolia, on the low. Boogalu and Pooda had   been in a hot sweaty hand all day. They been on the ground about 10 times. Boogalu ahs been in other people’s hands. One of the hands he been in smelled like butt. Boogalu is mad at AC for losing his grandpa in the dice game. But on good side, he just found out he has a little baby brotha. About ten minutes later a Black & White comes. So back in the black pocket they go.
TIME: Hot summer day, one in the afternoon
AT RISE: In Acie’s Rocawear front right pocket, with about 50 other bills. It’s a dark deep pocket. Boogalu feels a rubber band holding then in place., Boogalu & Pooda keep hearing a li’l Wayne ring tone, and Boogalu really likes the song.



POODA Man I’m glad to be out! I been in the bank for about ten years.

BOOGALU I’m glad to have baby brotha out, for real. I ain’t never been in the bank. But I have been in a Nike shoe box.

POODA Trust me, you don’t never want ot go to the bank.

BOOGALU Trust me I ain’t never going to the bank.

POODA A’ bra, did you ever meet your cousin G-muns?

BOOGALU Naw I haven’t

POODA How about Rasta?

BOOGALU Nope, can’t say I have

POODA Well yo cousin Rasta has been ripped up about 4 times, and now he’s taped up in some lil girls piggy bank..

BOOGALU That’s messed up. How he doing?

POODA He cool, you know, doing him.

BOOGALU I can’t wait to meet them

POODA Yea, they some cool bills

BOOGALU So how was it like being in the bank?

POODA I don’t want to talk that right now, alrite?

BOOGALU alrite …

POODA But what do yall do for fun in here?

BOOGALU Nothing much. Just wait to Acie’s phone rings, to hear the li’l Wayne song to come on.

POODA Man  I gotta get outta here. It’s real phony in here.

BOOGALU Sometimes it fun, when we get a new bill, or a new coin in here.

POODA That ain’t no fun dude. Going out, seeing the world, that’s fun.

BOOGALU What you talking about?

POODA I’m talking about getting out of here.

BOOGALU And go where?

POODA Man I got big dreams. I’m goin’ be in somebody restaurant on they wall, in a nice frame, you know what I’m sayin?

BOOGALU Man you tripping!

POODA No I’m not. I’m being for real

BOOGALU No, you’re being stupid. How are you goin do that?

POODA I been thinking about … jumping out the pocket.

BOOGALU It’s not that bad in here, so why you want to jump out?

POODA Cause we not Geeked Up in this thang!

BOOGALU Acie wakes us up to a nice hot iron every morning, makes us crispy.

POODA And I bet you love that, huh, Mr. four quarters?

BOOGALU I’m not goin to say I don’t enjoy it.

POODA Man I don’t care what you talking about, I’m jumping!

BOOGALU I just lost my grandpa, I’m not losing my li’l brotha

POODA Man you not losing me… you can come with me.

BOOGALU I like it here

POODA I’m going with you or without you

BOOGALU If you go, the family is never gonna be together

POODA Who cares about the family, what the family ever did for me? Or even you?

BOOGALU I know grandpa looked out for me and was there for me since I came in the pocket

POODA I don’t have time foe this sad story, I’m jumping now.

BOOGALU Think about it. What’s the chance of you being in a frame? Someone is goin’ come along and pick you up, and you go be in the bank, in some kid’s college fund.

POODA Do you really think so?

BOOGALU You never heard about what happen to Ill Will?

POODA What happen to Ill Will?

BOOGALU He jumped out of the pocket, and now he’s in Bank of America, in Acie;s little sister college fund, and she’s only five year old!

POODA That ain’t goin happen to me

BOOGALU Go ‘head and jump li’l bra

POODA Do you think it’s go happen to me?

BOOGALU Yea dude, if I didn’t I wouldn’t told you

POODA I always dreamed about being in a frame tho

BOOGALU Being with the family is go be way more better than being in some stupid frame

POODA How do you know that ?

BOOGALU I really don’t like talking about it (gets sad), but once I was in a frame and it sucked. You get all dusty, and noone clean you. But the worst part is when they throw you in the closet under some old Christmas lights.

POODA Just because you had a bad experience don’t mean I am

BOOGALU If you so sure just go then

POODA But Billy, the two dollar bill, told me it was great being in a frame, and every one sees you and they pointing and staring at the first Bill that the store received. And plus, I want everyone to see me, young Pooda, the five dollar bill.

BOOGALU Just go, if you’re going, just go  (Boogalu turns around) Do you think you’re the only one that has dreams? I had a dream once that Pennies, nickels, dime and 5 dollar bills, ten dollar bills and even two dollars bills was all in our family in a nice big cash register, happy together, loving each other, talking, joking, getting to know each other.. But it don’t look like my dream is go come true…

POODA How do you know Acie’s go win the next dice game.? Do you think he’s go win all the family? What if he loses you in the next dice game, then what?

BOOGALU I try not to think about that, all I think about is getting the family together.

POODA If you really care about family you would come with me. You wouldn’t let your baby brother go by his self

BOOGALU I do care about you, and I rather be with my baby brotha then to be in the pocket

POODA Come on then

 BOOGALU I really don’t want to leave this pocket, cause this way my home, and I met a lot of good bills and coins here. And plus I met Grandpa here. But alrite, I’m go come with you. Cause I don’t want you out there by your self no more li’l bro.

(first Pooda jumps out, then Boogalu, still second guessing, but finally he jumps)