A Play by Miguel G.

Performance: May, 2002
Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, San Mateo

Characters: BIG BEN, the pit bull, KILLER, the toy chihauhua

Time:Saturday morning
Place:Fair Oaks block in Redwood City at an abandoned house where Ben lives. You see old broken furniture, empty rooms, clothes of homeless people they chased away. Ben can touch dead rats and an old, dirty mattress his family sleeps on. He tastes dirty water that’s been there from the last time it rained, from holes in the roof.
At Rise: BIG BEN’s sitting waiting for KILLER to come over, like he does every day.


Big Ben:

[to himself] Killer’s late. He should be here already.
[suddenly, there is a knock at the door.] Is that you, Killer?


It’s me. Open the door.

Big Ben: So who have you been talking to?

Nobody, why? Why do you look angry?

Big Ben:

I thought you were my best friend and I could tell you anything. But I guess I was wrong.

Killer:   What are you talking about? I am your best friend.
Big Ben:   You are a liar and you got a big mouth.


Big Ben:   How could you tell all the other dogs on the block my secret?
Killer:   Ben, you need to calm down and tell me, what secret?
Big Ben:   The secret about my family’s secret potion, you know to make me big and strong and live forever.
Killer:   [to himself] How did Ben find out? What am I going to do? I must do something.
[to Ben] I didn’t tell ALL the dogs about your potion.
Big Ben:   Yes, you did. You told someone and my brother Manny heard about it on the streets and told my family. Now everyone is mad. You got to do something, or else. 
Killer:   Why are you so mad about a stupid potion that probably won’t even work?
Big Ben:   Listen……. I need that potion to survive in these streets. Without that potion, I will be weak and dogs will kill me. I need it to be strong and defend myself. Look it, Killer, you stay in a whole different block. I stay in Fair Oaks. Every day, it’s a struggle to survive and not many dogs do. This block I live in ain’t safe.
I need the potion to last in these streets. And I got the last of it. If it evaporates, I got to wait till it grows next year, and ain’t no telling what will happen before next year.
Now everydog wants it and with your big mouth you told everybody where it was at, and I know all the dogs are going to do whatever they can do to get the last of it.
Killer:   Ben, you know what?
Big Ben:   What, big mouth?
Killer:   You are always worried about yourself. You don’t care about nobody else. What about me? I always get picked on because of my size. You need to think about other dogs who need the potion besides you.
Big Ben:   Hell yeah, I’m going to worry about my self. I do not want to die. You are just jealous because you are smaller than anydog. If I was a toy chihuahua I would be jealous, too.

[shocked] I rather be small than a big stupid dog.

Big Ben:  

You know what? I could care less what you think about me, all I know is you better fix what your big mouth started and tell all the dogs you were lying and you just said that to play a joke on them… or else our friendship is over.


After all these years, you are going to throw our relationship away?

Big Ben:   Yep. Just like you did our secret.
Killer:   [to himself] What should I do? I like Ben as my friend, but if I go tell everybody I lied, they will hate me and won’t respect me. Damn, look what I got myself into. All I wanted was everybody to be my friends. I really messed up everything this time. I didn’t realize Ben’s life depended on this potion, I thought he just wanted to look big and get strong and look good, and to have the dogs scared of him. I guess I was wrong.
[Ben hears barks outside and he looks out the window. He sees thousands of dogs that want his potion.]
Big Ben:   Now look what you started.
[Killer walks toward the window]
Killer:   What I started?
[Ben looks at his Kibbles & Bits clock — it’s 11:45 am.]
Big Ben:   Oh, Killer, you better hurry up and do something, because I need to get to the neighborhood park and dig up the potion and take it by 12 pm. If I don’t, the potion will evaporate and I could die. Hurry, hurry! Time is running out!
Killer:   [to himself] Man, I really messed up! I didn’t know that the potion was that important to Ben. Even though Ben is selfish, he is my best friend.
I must do something…. what should I do?
[to Ben] Ben, I’m sorry but I seriously don’t know what to do. I don’t want you to die. But the others will hate me because they will think I lied.
Damn, all I wanted to do was fit in!
Big Ben:   Killer, time is running out. Think of something!
Killer:   [starts to think] I got it!!!! I got a plan but I really don’t know if it would work and if it doesn’t, they will kill me.
Big Ben:   What is it? What is it?
Killer:   But what if it doesn’t work but you get your potion and I die?
Big Ben:   That’s a risk we got to take.
Killer:   Alright, I started it, I’ll finish it. Okay, I’m going to walk outside and tell the dogs you dug up the potion and buried it somewhere else. And I’m going to leave with all the dogs like I know where it’s at, but I’m going to take them to my house, and when we are not in sight, you hit the fence and run to Fair Oaks park and dig up your potion.
Take it and I will be with the other dogs, and when 12:00 hits, we will be digging and say, “Damn, we are too late. It evaporated.” And they won’t know you took it and I will show I can shut my big mouth and keep a secret. 
Big Ben:   Alright. And then I’ll run to the park by your house and dig with you guys, so they don’t think you were lying. But tell them quick! I got like 7 minutes left.
[Killer runs out the door in a quickness.]
Killer:   Come on! Ben tried to fool us. I know where it’s at. Hurry!
  [It’s 12:15 now and they are back at Ben’s house.]
Big Ben:   Right on, Killer, your plan worked. Who thought those dogs will fall for that plan? Killer, you are pretty smart after all.
Killer:   Thanks, Ben… you ain’t so bad after all, either.
[Killer and Ben become even closer friends and both got their wishes. Ben got his potion and the other dogs still say hi to Killer.]
    The End.