A Play by CeCe F.

Performance: July, 2002
Community School South, East Palo Alto


Smokey, I need to holla at cha right quick one time.


Yeah, I already know what this is about. I told you
how I felt so what more do I need to say?

Oliver: To keep it real you don’t need to say anything, I need

And that is?


Look, you remember that cat that goes by the name of

Smokey: Ya mean that one your Dad used to roll with back in
the day?
Oliver: Yeah that’s him. But anyways he got out of prison last
week. I seen him pass by the house and I got in the
window, ya know, to ask him about my Dad. I heard the
worse news. Man, my dad is getting put to sleep 2
weeks from today. I gotta help him. And I’ve already
made up my mind, after the sun goes down, I’m out.

What cha mean…you out?

Oliver: I mean I’m out fool!
Smokey: Out of what, yo mind?
Oliver: Nah, I’m serious Smoke, I mean that’s my Dad. What am
I suppose to do just wait until they put him to sleep?
I’m gonna help him. I don’t care what it takes.
Whether it’s my house, or you. It’s family first.
Smokey: I feel you.
Oliver: You do?
Smokey: Yeah, I mean if it was me I’d do the same thing but
what I already told you about you leaving and me
taking your place. It’s stillgonna happen, and from my
point of view, you not gonna make it. What you’re
thinking about doing is crazy, besides you only have
two weeks to do it, and when you do fail, , you’ll
just be out there alone without your Dad, and me.
Oliver: Well, whatever happens to me is fine, but I can’t let
my Dad die not knowing if I could’ve saved him if I
would’ve only tried. And if I do fail, at least it’s
better than having a guilty conscience.
Smokey: Well, aint you gonna have a guilty conscience about
Oliver: Yeah, of course I will, but she’ll have to get over it
sooner or later.
Smokey: After all she’s done for you and now you’re gonna
break her heart.
Oliver: Well what are you worried about? When you take my
place you should make her feel all better, right?

No that’s not true, I mean you were the first pet she
ever had. She wanted you first. She’ll still be hurt.


Look Smoke, I’ve been living with Deidra for six
months now and over that period of time she’s really
grown attached to me and I love her for everything
she’s done for me, but I can’t put off the business
that I need to take care of just because I’m scared of
hurting someone’s feelings. I mean, it’s not gonna
kill her, it’s only a broken heart.


Alright then Oliver, since you got all the answers and
solutions let me ask you another question. How do you
plan to actually get your Dad off of death row, out of
the pound, and with you?

Oliver: It’s simple Smoke Dawg. All I have to do is go to Law
School and get a degree and I’m gonna be the
bestLawyer in the country 4 sho!
Smokey: Law school is hard and you would have to be a great
genius to finish within  2 weeks and still have time
to get your Dad out.
Oliver: Well, even if you don’t believe that I can do it, I
know that I can. I know I can succeed if I just try my
best and I don’t have no time to waste.
Smokey: Look Oliver, I never meant that I did’nt believe in
you. It’s just I’ve never heard of a 15 year old cat
accomplishing something like that. I love you like a
brother Oliver, we grew uo together. I just don’t want
something bad to happen to you.
Oliver: Well, what’s the worst that could happen.
Smokey: Well, I’m not thinking just the worst stuff that could
happen. Suppose you do go for your dream and
everything goes cool? You go to law school and get
your dad off of death row and then you can be with
him. But what do you plan to do after that? Where are
you gonna go? Are you just gonna be homeless the rest
of your lives? You’re just gonna be a stray cat again?
Oliver: Well yeah, if that what it takes.
Smokey: So, are you telling me that you’re willing to give up
Deidra, me, and your home just to be with your Dad on
the streets?
Oliver: Smokey how could be so narrow minded?I mean what makes
you think I would be so  dumb to go to law school and
become a lawyer  just for a couple of days and then
quit to be on the streets? When I do become a lawyer,
and I will succeed, I will make it my profession and
soon buy my own house, and you could come too.
Smokey: For real, you would want me to come.
Oliver: Oh 4 sho, we’re brothers, you just have to believe in
Smokey: I don’t know Oliver, it just sounds too good to be
true. You have a great imagination but we’re street
cats and we’ll always be that way. Well, at least one
of us cause either you can stay with Deidra or I
will.Because my imagination is’nt as big as yours.
Oliver: It’s not just my imagination Smoke, it could easily be
reality. It’s not  impossible. Why are you so negative
towards me and my dream?
Smokey: It’s not that Oliver. I just don’t want to hope for
something all my life and that it never happens. Then
what? I’ll just be worse off than I already am.
Oliver: It’s not just hoping for something, it’s just hard
work and trust in yourself. I mean, it takes work to
succeed Smoke.
Smokey: So what exactly are you asking me Oliver? Do you just
want me to come with you, or are you just asking my
approval or something. I don’t get why you’re trying
to convince me?
Oliver: Well it’s like this Smoke, no I don’t need you to come
with me and I don’t need your approval, but you’re my
boy, I don’t want to lose a friend for going after my
dream. I want  to make sure that you’re ok while I’m
gone and to just have faith that I ‘m coming back with
what I want.
Smokey: Alright then Oliver. I’m gonna put everything aside
right now, even the little girl. I know this is what
you really want so go for it. You have my support and
trust. If you want, I’ll even go with you.
Oliver: Thanks Smoke. For everything. But I want to do this
alone. I promise I’ll be back, and with everything we
hoped for.
The End.