by Mike B.

Performance: July 2002
Community School South, East Palo Alto

Summer morning, a jungle shower is coming down
A jungle in Peru, Kharma the Panther and his brother Luther are up in a tree where Luther sleeps.




What do you need brotha’?

Luther: I want to talk to you about how your treatin’ the kids, how your bringing them up.  I wanna make sure their settin’ good goals for themselves.

How you want me to do that?


I don’t want to be controlling your life but you getting’ older, you need to decide what you feel is best for the kids.  If your not sending them in the right direction I’ll stop you and send you in the right direction.

Kharma: Lu- I don’t know how to get thru to the kids.  They don’t listen, and they want to roam the jungle like the other animals.  I tried to tell them they have to be weary of the humans, but they act as if they don’t care.
Luther: Then in order for them tto be able to roam freely, we must migrate to the southern jungle down the riverside. 

I can’t make you take a journey like that Lu.  You are not well and I want you to be well before we journey south.

Luther: Whether or not I’m ill and its getting worse not better, we have to move fast.  Also, you shouldn’t worry about me so much.  The kids have a long life ahead of them, and my time is near.  Why can’t they roam freely here again?
Kharma: Dribbles encountered some humans destroying the forest, cutting down the trees.  If the humans find the kids they will get sent to the public zoo.  I can’t let that happen to my family, I have to take care of the kids.
Luther: I know this will be hard for you, but you have no choice.  You must leave me in the jungle and take the kids.
Kharma: But-
Luther: No but’s, you will leave at dawn, in hopes to reack the next jungle by dusk.
Kharma: OK brother, I will miss you.

Tell the kids I’m in a better place.

Kharma: OK….I’ll pick your ass up and take you myself!
Luther: You’re going to carry me all the way to the next jungle?

Yeah!  I’d rather carry you to the next jungle and have you die there- than leave you here and not know if you’re alive, if you’ve been put in the zoo or what.


I feel like you won’t get a grip on what’s happening to me!  It makes me feel guilty-like it’s my fault-that you won’t let go because you have an obligation to take care of me!


I can’t get a grip- you’re my family, that’s the whole problem.


You have a choice , you can leave me here or you can take me with you.  I had a dream that I was living a better life and wasn’t sick no more, and the funny part about this dream is that it wasn’t here it was  in another jungle.

Kharma: What would happen if you went and got over the illness?  What if I left you here and there was something in the other forest that would cure you?  How would I feel then?
Luther: I don’t know!  What if I go and there’s nothin’ to cure my illness?  I don’t want you to feel guilty- like it’s your fault.  But you won’t hear what I say to you because you want to be your own boss- you won’t listen to what I have to say.
Kharma: Fine!  I’ll let you do what you want.
Luther: I will let you know at dawn, you are so stubborn.
Kharma: I must go find the kids before sundown, get some rest Lu’.
(At dawn Kharma awakes to find his brother Luther, deceased.)
    The End.