by Sela Mahoni

Performance: September, 2003
Community School South, East Palo Alto

Amy an apple tree
Lily the cat
Time: Early morning
Place: Backyard
At Rise: Lily comes to wake up Amy


Good morning.


Oh. Good morning.

Lily: I thought you’d be up early than usual.

(yawning) I didn’t get to bed early and I stayed up.


Why didn’t you invite me over to keep you company?

Amy: I just wanted to be alone. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking.
Lily: And you couldn’t tell me, every time you think about something you are always allowed to share your ideas.

It’s not that important.

Lily: Yes it is, everything you think about is important.
Amy: Okay, enough…..I’ve had enough.
Lily: What do you mean you’ve had enough.
Amy: I just don’t wanna talk right now, I’m not in a mood and it will be better if you leave.
Lily: Why? What’s wrong with you? Something is bothering you and I feel that you can’t tell me what’s bothering you.
Amy: What are you talking about, nothing is bothering me.
Lily: I know something when I see it in you. You have that evil look in you like you wanna let something out, but you’re shutting it in!!!
Amy: I have this wish that I’ve been waiting for so long for it to come along and finally it has. My wish is to be lift up in the sky by birds. I been wishing for this wish for so many times ago,this wish finally now comes along. This is important to me because I can travel throughout the world, amaze people by thinking I have some kind of magic powers. I can be recognized in a unique way like the flying tree, I can start a business of my own by having a tree- club house for kids or adults, and I can also have my own tree museum or a tree show which people will think about trees in a positive way instead of cutting down the trees. But I have to think about you. You are my cousin. We have this great relationship. I know you feel safe around me. You can talk to me when you’re in a bad situation. But yesterday afternoon Blue the bird came along with a message regarding me. The message is that the Bird Squad is ready lift me away. So, I, Amy, start to think of many worlds and missions I’ll be traveling. But Blue was not finished with the message. Then he says I only have till this morning at 9:00 to make up my mind. I was so happy that I forgot about who I was. And I was thinking of how it would effect my relationship with you. It was bothering me throughout the whole night.
Lily: I had no idea about your wish. I feel shocked. I feel lonely if you choose to leave. I done all I I can to be just like you. I feel bad. In a way I feel good hearing your wish, but at the same time I feel you should remain here with me so you can still protect me.
Amy: I can still protect you Lily, I can go and come back. it’s not going to be easy leaving, It’s going to be so hard Lily I’m going to shoot for my wish, I believe if I go I can be more independent and find a better life. Bye Lily, and take care of yourself and always remember were best cousins.
(Both are crying and hugging each other.)
Lily: Bye Amy.
    The End.