by Christina Fiftia

Performance: September 2003
Community School South, East Palo Alto

Time: it’s 5:30 in the afternoon, the sun is going down. It’s partially windy
Place: it’s a grassy open field consisting of lots of other maple and forest trees. Off to the front of the field is a farmhouse with lots of animals such as horses, sheeps, and chickens. The farmhouse is off white paint color makes it look like it’s been there for over 50+ years. The cool breeze makes it easier to smell the crisp air. The sounds of commotion and cracking and laughter come directly from the house. The sounds of the wind’s brushed up against the Maple tree branches sound like whoosh- as it blows harder to the rhythm of the wind.
At rise: Sprout, roots the mom hands Cookie her gifts. Cookie lowers her left branch to thank her mom for her birthday gifts. And in the other branch she’s holding her photo album


Oh, thanks mom. I really like the gift.


You’re welcome dear. Happy 18th birthday.

Cookie: Mom, I really have to talk to you about something extremely important.

What? What is it Cookie? Are you O.K?


Mom, I don’t know how to put this. I mean I just turned 18 today and basically I want to go out and explore and see new things. I want to see the ocean, cause I’ve never seen an ocean. The surroundings and climate is more better for me. Because then I’ll be closer to water and I’ll be more healthier. I feel I’ve reached the age where I can make my own decisions and I’ve been waiting for this all my life, to finally get up and leave.

Sprout: Why? What’s wrong with staying here with me?
Cookie: You don’t understand. There’s more out there in this world that I want to be a part of besides just staying here at this one same spot. I want to be a part of the outside world. Away from being secluded.

Then who’s going to take care of me, Cookie?

Cookie: I’m not leaving you because I don’t care it’s just that I want to try being independent for once. I want to take care of myself. Nurturing wise. To find out if I can water my own self.
Sprout: But, Cookie, I don’t want you to go. Do you know the danger you could face in the outside world? It’s not safe for you. Because you might not get the proper nurture out there. How are you going to know when to get watered?
Cookie: But mom you’re so caught up in trying to make me stay that you didn’t even realize that I’m not being properly nurtured here.
Sprout: Meaning?
Cookie: Meaning that I’m suffering up here. I’m drying up and my leaves and branches are falling and I know you won’t relate because you live underground and you can’t see or feel these things.
(Mom starts crying)
Sprout: But Cookie, I need you here with me. If you leave I’ll be very sad. Maybe even sad to the point where I’ll get very sick.
Cookie: Mom, can you stop saying things like that. You’re just making me feel sorry for you. Did you not here me mom? I want to finally go.
Sprout: Go where?
Cookie: I already told you, to go see the ocean. I’m not going to stay for long. But, if I do decide to, I promise, I’ll always come visit.
(Mom stops crying already.)
Sprout: You don’t get it. I don’t want you to go period. Haven’t you ever wondered what I wanted? All my life, raising you, I’ve always been down here. And maybe you’re right. Maybe I can’t feel what you’re going through up there. But think of what I’m going through down here. I can’t see anything but you and these slimy worms crawling about next to me. All I have is my sense of hearing.
Cookie: Ok um… ok. Ok, excuses mom… I don’t know what I’m saying. I never knew all of this mom. But still I have this big urge to just go.

What about what I want Cookie? I’ve always wanted to move to a forest, just like how you want to go see the ocean, that’s how bad I wanted it too. But look at me. Too bad, I can’t even move!


It’s not my fault you were made to be stuck. If you think about it – maybe what I want to do is happening for a reason. It’s once in a lifetime experience. Wouldn’t you want me to go, since I have that ability to do so? Come on, this is an opportunity for me. Like I said before, I can always come back.


Cookie, but what if you do decide to settle there? Who am I gonna have to talk to?

Cookie: You have the other maple trees, our family. They’ll be there for you. They’ll make sure you’ll be watered.
Sprout: Why do you want to go so bad, and now?
Cookie: For a lot of reasons. I’m already legal now. I don’t even have to sit here and have this conversation with you. I don’t even need you permission. The reason why I’m telling you this is because you’re my mother and I love you dearly. But you have to understand mom. I have needs too. If I don’t go soon I’ll probably get worse physically. My branches might even break off even more and I might die.
Sprout: I didn’t know it was that bad Cookie. Now I’m realizing it. I guess I was just being selfish, and envied the fact that you were able to move. If this is what you wanna do, then go ahead. You’re right. You’re old enough to make your own decisions. I’m sorry for trying to force you to stay. I guess I just got carried away.
(Now Cookie begins to cry.)
Cookie: Oh mom – you don’t have to sorry. You’re just being a mother. I’m glad you finally understand where I’m coming from. Remember, like I said, I’ll always come visit. And we can talk about the settings, and new things I’ve seen along the way. I love you mom.
Sprout: I love you too.
    The End.