by Standley R.

Performance: February, 2002
Youth Guidance Center, San Francisco

Time:The years of the never ending battles.  Time, there is no more time because no one ever took time to take control of time.
Place: The outer world of space.  Darkness to its extreme figure.  A place of no return.
At Rise:(In the beginning there was never peace, there was only demoralized self hatred and pity amongst all others.)  Wars between a distant planet known as DEMORALIZED and its distant offsprings only caused by an introspective God of DEMORALIZED known as ZEUS.  There’s the broken core (heart) of DEMORALIZED who is now crying to her God who is known as ZEUS.  And as Feartastiest the planet speaks Demoralized and Zeus are now arguing over peace and war and life and death.



Why, Zeus, why!?  Why do you consist on ignoring me.  Zeus, I have prayed to you many of years and now you endanger my life to these games of yours.

Zeus: Oh my!  Demoralized.  What is it today?  You’ve woken me up from my happy sleep and because of that I now feel sad and mad.  You accuse me of trying to harm you.  which I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Demoralized: Zeus, you finally answer me now.
Zeus: Of course.  So now, what are you talking about?
Demoralized: You know exactly what I’m talking about.  You’re playing these war games with my family’s life just so you can have peace amongst your weak self.
Zeus: That is it!  Demoralized, you have prayed on to me with so much guilt that I shall now solve all our problems.  Every time you pray to me for peace I’ve brought  you war, Demoralized.  Now I bring war so that you can die nice and easily and so that you can find the peace you always wish to have.  If you now die there will be no one left to mourn for you.  So why, why do you still wish to stay here in this place of madness and hate?
Demoralized: I wish to live until my time is over.  I do not want to die by no one at any means necessary.  I wish the same for my family.but now they’re driven by your madness of war.  The more war games you make them play, the more they wish it upon their selves.  And now I ask you to take  them out of their trance and help them to want to live peacefully and happily once again.

Ooooh!  Now you want me to help them too!  You just don’t understand that you’re the one who caused them to go to war in the first place.  You asked me to help you so I did and you caused war amongst your family members.  You were the one who controlled in the first place and blamed it upon me of your war games.  So now you wish for me to help you again to help them go war crazy.  How lost or puzzled are you?  Are you right in the head?  You’re asking me to go on your killing spree with you.

Demoralized: Whu…what are you talking about?  You’re the sick one who started this mess.  I’ve prayed for peace only, not war. So here I am “NOW!” asking you to help with a situation you’ve help started.  And if you do not help I will then be forced to talk to all the planets on a peace treaty and tell them the one who is responsible for these brutal wars.
Zeus: You can not change what I’ve already started Demoralized.  I am the God and nothing can stop me or any of my plans.
Demoralized: So you finally confess that you’re the one who started this and now I shall go and communicate with the other planets.
Zeus: Oh little demoralized.  Please don’t make that mistake on trying to organize a peace treaty.
to be continued…
Name:  DEMORALIZED  the World
Age:  B – C  =  Before Christ 
Family:  Everything from the universe 
Greatest Wish:  To have peace in her life once and for all. 
Fear:  That one day she will lose a war with the distant universe and that her offsprings’ life will come to an end.
Closest Relationship:  Her closest relationship is at the end of the darkness where she can’t see no-more.  To whom she worships is named ZEUS, God of all the universes.
Darkness of the great, where all universes are held like distant cities.  She can only see what her eye allows her to see, like darkness and sometimes light.  She can hear the distant battles flowing through the light years and sometimes emptiness.  She taste life and death of the planets.  She taste her offspring growing with full life and beauty.  She smell everything that’s on her world:  Dirt,ants and etc.  It smells good like oxygen being swallowed by distant planets.  Smells sweet.  It touches nothing but air and its’s own gravitational pull.
I am having a problem Zeus.  I have prayed to you for many of years.  I have asked for peace but yet the more I pray the more you endanger my life to your foolish war games.  My offsprings are dying.  They can’t handle this, but the more war they go to the more war they want.  I will follow my offsprings in every war they go to.  I will be there with them every breath of life they take, but I still don’t like the idea of we going into foolish wars with our own family.  I feel that your putting us into this war, playing us like your pieces of death, you kill us but yet you don’t conserve us to be your great.
Name:  ZEUS the god
  A.C.  (After Christ)
Family:  Only those who pray to him
Greatest wish:
  Is to destroy those who pray to him for peace because once they’re gone he’ll soon have peace amongst himself.
Greatest fear:  His greatest fear is that one day he’ll be unwanted, that he’ll be worthless to those who once use to look up to him.  He is afraid that he’ll destroy his one and only believer DEMORALIZED.
His only and closest relationship is DEMORALIZED.  She is the only one who knows of him.  She is the only one who talks and worships him.
Zeus: Oh my!  What is it today. I was happy when I was asleep. Now I’m woke and I feel real sad. 
Why is that every time Demoralized talks to me it is about sadness.She is very worried of death but yet she also don’t know that if she goes then I go, and that will make me free of her and her misery.Demoralized does not want to die… but… so I will force it out of her and I’ll make sure I will stop me and her from suffering. Every time she ask for peace I bring it to her but yet she fights it. But if she fights then she goes to war, but if she lets herself die then that will be the peace me and her soul will need.
    The End.