A Play by Jacqueline (Jackie) Y.

Performance: November, 2004
Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, San Mateo

Sasha – Daughter of Minky. 21 years of age. She’s a mixed breed sable.
Minky – Mother of Sasha. 40 years of age. She’s half mink and half sable.
Place: Sasha’s room in her Mediterranean mansion in Venice, Italy. This house is located in the suburbs.
Time: a little after midnight
At Rise: Minky sitting in Sasha’s room, on a vanity chair. She’s anxious. Tiptoeing is heard and the sudden turning of the door handle. Sasha and Valdimer enter. Sasha turns on the light. When the lights come up, she finds her mother sitting on a chair.


(stands up, ears straight up pointing)
Who the hell is that?



Minky: You have some explaining to do…

(shakes with nervousness)
Explain What?


Don’t play dumb with me, Sasha. Who is that fool standing behind you?

Sasha: (turning towards Valdimer)
Oh, you mean Valdimer?
Minky: (walking towards the couple with her tail swaying back and forth, ears pinned back)
Valda what?

Valdimer, you know, it’s spelt V-A-L-D-I-M-E-R. He’s Russian, mom. He lives in Moscow.

Minky: Oh, thanks for the spelling check. Next time I need a dictionary, I’ll be sure to come and ask you.
Sasha: Mom, I didn’t mean it like that. I was going to tell you about this after Valdimer left but I guess I can tell you now. Valdimer and I are getting married. He is my fiancé!
(holds paws with Valdimer)
Minky: (in a shocking state, mouth dropped open)
You’re going to what? To who? How the..? Oh, lord! No, NO!
Sasha: Yes, mom it’s true, I am a bride to be.
(smiles at Valdimer)
Minky: Of all people Sasha.. This sable from Russia? Please tell me this is a joke. Kick me now and tell me this is a dream…
Sasha: (moves closer to her mother)
Mom, don’t you want me to be happy? I finally found a guy I’m in love with.

You know I want you to be happy by not with this low life road kill looking sable!

Sasha: How dare you call my fiancé a piece of road kill. I’m leaving now with my road kill fiancé. Don’t worry, there shall be no more road kill in your beautiful mansion!
(starts to walk out of the room)
Minky: (grabs Sasha’s arm and pulls her back)
Oh, no you don’t, you’re not leaving me here all alone here all by myself. His doodie-smelling tail is getting thrown the heck out of my house!
(grabs on to Valdimer’s fuzzy ear and shows him the exit out of the second floor window of the mansion)

(rushes to the window)
AHHHHH!!! How could you throw him out of the window? Just because you don’t want me getting married doesn’t mean you could do what you just did. You always wanted me to never find anyone, but once I did you had to mess everything all up. You crushed the last thing that made me happy. Do you want me to feel helpless and empty? I thought you cared for me, you’re supposed to be my mother, not my bodyguard and enemy.


Sasha, you know I want you to be happy, when did I ever say I didn’t want you to be happy? I didn’t mess anything up, I was trying to help you. It’s for the best. You’re too young to understand.


Your actions speak louder than words. Just because you failed your life doesn’t mean I have to fail mine. It’s like you set me up for failure and I’m the animal in the trap.


You haven’t failed, and there is no trap. What trap are you taking about?

Sasha: The trap of being stuck with you my entire life and you not letting me go. You need to let me live the life I have to live. It’s like you’re living your life through mine. You lived your life, now its time for me to live mine.
Minky: I never knew you felt that way. Why haven’t you ever told me how you felt? I didn’t know I was trying to live my life through yours….
(looks down at the floor reflectively)
Sasha: Yes, you have been living your life through mine ever since I was young. You would tell me to go to swimming class and piano lessons. I never wanted to take those classes. You want me to follow in your footsteps but the truth is I’m not ready. I still need time to grow up and learn from you, not to be exactly like you and take over your position right after I graduate.
Minky: All this time I thought you wanted to be the best at everything and you wanted to be exactly like me. I guess I was wrong. I just wanted you to be the best at everything just like I was. I’m a perfectionist at everything.
Sasha: That’s just the thing: I am not perfect. I don’t know how to be good at everything. I’m not the best athletic or most rhythmically inclined sable. I can’t do it all. I do want to be just like you but not in EVERY SINGLE WAY. I am my own person and have some goals of my own that I would like to complete. One of my goals was to get married and have children, but now since you disapprove of Valdimer and threw him out of the window, I can’t complete that goal because I can never make you happy with anything I do. Not even the thing that makes me happy.
Minky: I see that you are your own person, and have your own goals in life. I guess I was in the way of your goal of getting married to who you wanted to get married to. I just wanted the best for you in all ways in life. I wanted you to marry the most wonderful sable you could find and for you to have a life that won’t lead you to failure. I want you to succeed in life and not fail. You telling this makes me feel like I wrecked your whole life……I just wish you could have told me sooner.
Sasha: I didn’t want to tell you sooner because I thought you would have figured it out by now.
Minky: Sometimes I feel that you don’t care about me and that you just live in my house and then go hang out with your friends all the time. Lately, you have been acting different, not wanting to do things with me anymore. I feel lonely like you have deserted me. I’ve spent nights staying up all night worrying about if you are okay, safe, that you’re not out hanging out with the wrong people. You won’t invite your friends to our new beautiful home that we just bought. I bought this house for you and your friends to come to and hang out. When you’re out I don’t know where you are or who you’re with. I can only think of the worst. You could be out doing drugs, drinking, or getting into all kinds of trouble. I don’t want to be one of those parents who gets that one phone call saying that you are in trouble or that you have been killed somehow. I’m your mother, Sasha. It’s very hard for me to watch you and work. I can’t do both at the same time.
Sasha: Mom, I do care about you. I just didn’t know how to show it. I didn’t know that me going out with my friends caused you all that trouble. I thought you wanted time alone for yourself because I felt that I was too much for you to handle with all that I have done in the past. I have hung out with the wrong people but now I know better. I’ve learned many lessons in this last year that have taught me a lot. I’ve done wrong in the past but now I’m willing to change. That’s why I wanted to settle down and find someone who can take care of me and that I can take care of them. But I now see that I need to be here with you to keep you company. You’re not ready to let me go.
Minky: Of course I’m not ready to let you go. I still have to teach you more things you need to know in life. You’re my soft fuzzy little sable and I still care for you a lot. I have to face the fact that I can’t be there to always guide you and protect you. You have to learn your own lessons about life. My little girl already found her husband and I didn’t even know you were looking to get that involved with a male. I want you to be happy, so from now on, I ‘m not going to stand in your way. Let’s make a deal.
Sasha: Okay, let’s make a deal…..I want both of us to be happy.
Minky: Here’s my half of the deal: if I let you marry Valdimer, can you at least let me get to know him first?
Sasha: Yes, of course. I was going to do that in the first place before you flung him out of the house. After he left back to Russia, I was going to tell you all about him, but I guess this was an interesting way of telling you about getting married. So if I let you get to know him and you approve of him, will you let me marry him?
Minky: If I like him, then you can surely marry him. I just want to see if he is good enough for you.
Sasha: He’s good enough for me, I can tell you that right now, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.
Minky: Well, let’s go dig up your husband out of the rose bushes. I hope I didn’t hurt him that badly…
Sasha: Thanks mom, let’s.
    The End.