A Play by Edgar R.



SNOOPY, the little dog, age 15 years,  AMBE, the cat, his girlfriend, age 15 years, three days older than SNOOPY


SNOOPY is in a cage with a nasty and smelly toilet, dark and cold.


September 29, 2008

AT RISE: It’s cold and SNOOPY is singing his favorite songs to pass time.

While he is singing, AMBE is suddenly let into the cage.

                        SNOOPY (eyes closed, making funny faces)
(singing) Touch my body — remix — morily morily, nothing, You ain’t getting nothing. morily. morily. . . . .mo!!!                          
AMBE (in a happy way)
(They hug each other.)

SNOOPY (in a surprised & happy way)
Ambe, oh, babe! I miss you so much.  Please tell me why you haven’t answered any of my calls or responded to my letters.
AMBE (laughing)
Sing the song you were singing. It was funny. Please sing it again.  I was there watching you.  You making all those funny faces.  Hahaha.

SNOOPY (annoyed)
My singing — that’s the only thing you came to hear — or see my faces!

I came to see you and I’m sorry that I couldn’t answer any of your calls but I was out of town.  I’m sorry, my baby Snoopy.

Oh, whatever. I don’t believe you. So if you were out of town, how’d you find out I was here, all lonely thinking about you, and cold?

Oh, cause I saw your Dad yesterday, and I saw that he was very upset.  He told me that he couldn’t believe why you bite that bird.  He said he couldn’t believe what they say, cause you were so good at school and you were getting along with other birds around the neighborhood.
SNOOPY (in a sad way)
I know. I saw him last week.  It was the first time I saw him cry in front of me.

AMBE  (in a caring way)
I’m sorry! So, how you been doing here? How they treat you?

It’s all right.  It’s not enough food but it’s OK. Hey, can I ask you a question?

Yeah, sure baby!!!
Why you acting hella weird? You’re not the same.
AMBE (taking a deep breath)
OK, Snoopy, I’m going straight to the point and gonna tell you why is the reason I came here.

(SNOOPY looks her straight in the eyes, looking surprised.)

It’s that I feel confused about our love. I’m seeing another cat, his name is Dani, and I did go out of town but I was in Hawaii, visiting his family. What I’m trying to say to you is that I can’t be your kitty no more and I want your friendship. I want you as a friend.

(A tear comes out of SNOOPY’s eye, but he wipes it off to not show weakness.)

SNOOPY (in a sad way)
It’s all right, Ambe. I’m gonna let you go because you ain’t got no life with me. They’re sending me away to QuenDog for a couple of years.

AMBE (in a sad way)
Thanks, baby, for understanding, and remember you will always have a part of my heart. But you have to tell the truth of what really happened to that bird! Promise me you’re gonna tell the truth.

SNOOPY (in a sad way) 
I can’t, Ambe, I’m sorry! Can you promise me that you’re gonna help my Dad with the addiction, and you’re gonna try to get my uncle off the trees.

I can’t remember — Your uncle is a monkey, so I can’t promise you nothing, but I’m gonna try it because of you.  And your Dad, I will help him, so don’t worry.

Time’s up!

OK, Ambe. Bye, and I’m sorry I couldn’t be a better dog. Bye, baby cat.

(They hug each other.)

Bye! Remember you would always be in my heart.

Scene Two

Setting:  Two hours later. SNOOPY, on his way to QuenDog, in a bus, 
               thinks about AMBE.

As I’m sitting in this bus, going through my thoughts.

Wondering how did life get like this,
I slowly close my eyes and I can feel your kiss.

I wish I could be home with you, but I’m not,
Cause one night I was on the street doing crap and I got caught.

Now it looks like I’m on my way to QuenDog
So I don’t know if I’ll ever feel your touch again.

In one night, I lost a good thing.
So now all I can do is sit here and dream,
Life is just too short, so I’m going to say what I’ve got to say,

Baby Cat, I’m feeling you in every way, I love the touch of your skin,
What I’m trying to say is “I love you”
But I don’t know where to begin,

Una noche I see you in my dreams,
It’s crazy cause no matter
What I’m going through,
Some way or another my thoughts come to you,
And when I was out there running amok,
I know at the time it looked like I didn’t care no more,
But I was just doing what I had to do,
Cause when I was out there on the streets,
I felt like I had no one on my side,
I just wish I could go back in time,
So I could get this off my mind,
But what’s a dog in my situation going to do,
Just hope for the best and tell you I would always love you.