Written By: Juan.

Mentored By: Javier

Program: Each One Reach One

Date: August 15th-27th, 2011


CHARACTERS:   Pain the Lion, 20 years old.

                              Foggy the Ape, 23 years old. Male

 TIME:              8:30pm

 PLACE:             In a lab in North America underground in the confines of a wild life preserve. There are different lab                 rooms, but the lab room they are in is the experimental lab where they cut up and kill animals with no remorse.  The different sounds you hear in the lab are computer keyboards being tapped and the smell of all the dead animals.  You see blood on the tables and hear the screaming of animals in the distance.  There are animals locked in cages with the lights being dimmed because of the killing of a fellow animal. But the lights are usually bright.

AT RISE:           Pain is still trying to help Foggy get his memory back while speaking to Foggy from his cage.  Foggy is really trying not to listen, but is still thinking about what Pain had said from the corner of his large cage



I have this problem where I was captured and taken away from my family. While being captured, I found my best friend that was taken when I was young.  I’m glad I found him, but the state that I have found him in was terrible.  He can’t remember his family and his life of being on the wildlife preserve to roam around.  It makes me sad to see him like this.  I am trying to get him to remember how it is on the preserve cause he thinks the lab life is good and is it’s where he belongs.  I’m really glad I found him cause this just isn’t right to have him in this state of mind where he doesn’t believe me.  So how I am going to convince him to trust me is the question?  I hope he does for the good of both of our sakes.  I love Foggy.  He is my best friend.  I remember when they took Foggy when he and I were playing deep in the forest.  The lab people came and took him away when I was 14 years old.  After that, things changed in my life.  I really didn’t have fun anymore.  I was depressed until I found my wife Lala.  She made me happy again, but I never forgot my best friend.  Now I’m captured with my best friend that can’t even remember the preserve or me.  I want to show Foggy that this is not the way to get treated like a slave. I know what it feels like to be free and I want Foggy to know that feeling again because he’s like family


Foggy begins to speak



I have this problem.  This Lion named Pain comes up in here talking about all this different stuff like I don’t belong in here and I’m supposed to be with my family.  Well, the family part makes sense, but I just can’t see all the other things he saying like he’s my best friend and we grew up together.  I saved him from quicksand; what do I look like saving him from quicksand.  I could have gotten stuck myself.  So I tell this guy Pain like your crazy and need to leave me alone, but he insists on talking.  But I wonder what if he was telling me the truth?  What if I really don’t belong here?  But the way they treat me is like they take care of me by feeding me, washing and letting me have fun on my tire swing.  They give me lots of bananas and different kinds of fruits too.  So to me, this is home.  I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t be here, but I do want to know where did he say he came from again?  He does look a little familiar to me


Pain looks in shock as Foggy, his best friend, sits in a cage before his eyes.  Pain speaks to Foggy


Pain: Foggy, bra, what’s up?  What you doing in here?

Foggy:  Who is you brody?  Do I know you?

Pain:  Yo, what you saying you don’t remember me?

Foggy:  Naw bro, I don’t.

Pain:  What have they done to you? I’m your best friend!

Foggy:  Best, who is you crazy dog? I don’t even know you

Pain:  So it’s like that?

Foggy:  Like what? Tell me who you are because I don’t remember

Pain:  My name is Pain

Foggy (Say this as he rubs his big hairy chin with his paw)  Pain? Pain? Pain? The name sounds familiar

Pain:  Man, you really don’t remember me huh?

Foggy:  Nope

Pain:  All right, listen to this

Foggy:  Why should I?

Pain:  Cause you’re my best friend & we grew up together

Foggy:  Ok, but talk quickly because you are irritating me

Pain:  Dang, something is really wrong with you, but ok. Have you ever thought about where your family is?

Foggy:  Hmmmm, you make a good point but I haven’t thought about it.

Pain:  Don’t you wonder where they are?

Foggy:  I really haven’t (pause) not one time until now that you brought it up

Pain:  Do you know where you were born?

Foggy:  Yeah, I was born here for all I can remember

Pain:  What the fruit?  How were you born here with no family to birth you and take care of you?

Foggy:  Man, you don’t know what you are talking about

Pain:  Look around you; you’re an ape for Christ sakes.  You’re supposed to be in the trees swinging from vines

Foggy:  Me being in a tree, are you crazy?  I’m afraid of heights. So why would I be in a tree?

Pain:  Are you baloney?  When we were young, you used to swing from vines all the time

Foggy:  I hear you, but it ain’t making sense

Pain:  Man, you have mush for brains

Foggy:  Brody; I don’t even know you like that.  So for you to insult me, I’m ready to rip you apart

Pain: (Roar) Rip me apart and I will eat you for dinner

Foggy (Beats on his chest) You eat me, hahahahahahaha. I’ll break you f’n neck

Pain: Foggy, bra, I really don’t want to argue with you. I want to get back home to my family and take you to your family as well

Foggy:  You started it. I’m not going home with you no way. I am home

Pain turns away from Foggy to think.  Pain turns back to foggy

Pain:  So foggy, if this is your home, then why are you in a cage?

Foggy:  Ummmmmmmmm!

Pain:You don’t know do you foggy?

Foggy is sad and turns from Pain 

Foggy:  No I don’t

Pain: Now where we’re from, you’re free to wonder wherever we please

Foggy:  Wherever?

Pain:  Yes, wherever

Foggy:  So tell me about this place we so called come from because I don’t get tiresome of this cage

Pain:  The place we live is Marvelous

Foggy:  Marvelous? How marvelous?

Pain:  Now you want to listen to what I have to say

Foggy:  So and it sound ok so far.  So tell me more about our home

Pain:  So it’s our home now? First you said you were home but now it’s our home. But yeah, ok

Foggy:  Yeah, ok (Pain and Foggy smile at each other)

Pain:  There are a lot of trees with different and exotic fruits to eat and open land for you to walk around.  You ain’t got to hear animals scream for help.  You can go to sleep when & wherever you please.  Your family is there and you can start your own family.  There are tall trees you can swing vines from where you don’t have people telling you what to do

Foggy:  How do you know all of this man?

Pain:  Dude, when I first got captured, they put a tag on me. Then they brought me through the different stations of the lab. I had seen what was happening to other animals as I passed by the stations.  I overheard one of the scientists talking about how they tag numbers on the animals and open them up in that order.  Six animals have already died in the last couple of days and your tag number is 7. Foggy; They plan on cutting you open today in less than an hour. That’s why I have to hurry up and get you to remember so that we can get home or else we will both die in the lab

Foggy:   They wouldn’t do that to me.  Why should I leave here when they feed me, wash me and do everything for me?  I don’t have to do anything for myself.  I can sit back and relax

Pain:  Man, dude, do your thing.  I wouldn’t still be here if you weren’t my best friend.  Can you trust me?  You saved my life once.  I want to save yours.  Quiet, quiet. Listen

Pain hears footsteps coming their way in the distance

Pain:  So, do you trust me?

Pain and Foggy stare at each other