A Play by Jasheem W.

Performance: May 2003
Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, San Mateo

Time: Night, Summer, 2003
Place: Vetranarian’s (a human hospital, but with birds and other animals) (white with bed and machines)
At Rise: Hurricane the Bald Eagle, talking to Mom the Bald Eagle, as she lies in bed.


(wakes up and sees Hurricane at bedside)
Hey Baby (tired)


(lifts head of bed)

Mom: Yes It’s me Baby

Mom I came to see what is going on


With what

Hurricane: You know…stop trying to get around it. You never talk to me.
Mom: About what

No who

Mom: Who?
Hurricane: You
Mom: Me?
Hurricane: Yes
Mom: What about me?
Hurricane: I don’t know you tell me. Mom you can’t act like nothing is wrong. You’re sick. I’m scared. What’s going on?

Oh Baby

Hurricane: No…No Oh Baby…Tell Baby…I’m not a Baby anymore
Mom: Hurricane, you will always be my baby no matter what…or how big you get.

Mom, are you going to die?




Are you?


No, I won’t leave you.

Hurricane: What’s wrong
Mom: I’m sick
Hurricane: OK , I’ve known you all my life so I know that much
Mom: I’m really sick
Hurricane: OK we’re getting somewhere
Mom: I’m not well. I have some new disease in birds that affects my body and muscles, and movement…I’m ok…It’s strange because eagles don’t have this disease.
Hurricane: Are you?
Mom: No
Hurricane: Mom!
Mom: Yes
Hurricane: What is it?
Mom: Baby I didn’t want you to think you’re the problem. Because you’re not. That’s why I did not tell you.
Hurricane: Tell me what?
Mom: Well…Baby what do I want from you?
Hurricane: To grow up, get through school.
Mom: And what do you want?
Hurricane: To grow up, get through school.
Mom: Why?
Hurricane: Because it will make you happy.
Mom: OK, are you doing that?
Hurricane: Ye…Yes…I think so.
Mom: No you’re not…Baby, when you get home you come and check on me, you sit all day and concentrate on me…Baby what about you…You are not doing what you want or what I want. That’s stressing me out, Baby. You just watch me. Sleep…eat…watch TV…Lord knows what you do when I’m in the bathroom.
Hurricane: Well, can you help me? I have no father and you and Tay…you’re all I have. Tay is OK, you’re not…I don’t want to lose you.
Mom: Baby, when you’re doing your homework and not watching me what the worse that can happen? Has anything happened while you were watching me
Hurricane: No
Mom: OK
Hurricane: OK, well if you were not sick and I didn’t have to worry about you then maybe I would just do my work.
Mom: So I’m the reason you’re not going to complete life.
Hurricane: No!…you’re not. It’s just…why haven’t you talked to me? Tell me… I deserve to know what’s going on.
Mom: No!…you stop…You want to talk so let’s talk. Let’s tell the truth also…So I am in the way?
Hurricane: I can’t live on without you…I can’t finish life. I can’t complete my dreams…You were the only thing holding it together. (crying) I want a family…I want to be successful…I don’t have a father so he won’t help. You’re all I have and you are a major part of my life…If you go I go. If you go I’ll be alone. Yes I have Tay. But she is not my mother…You can’t just start something and just not finish it
Mom: Start something?
Hurricane: Yes, you made me…You created me…You owe me…You can’t be a quitter. It’s like starting a project and then stopping in the middle of it. You can’t just do that.
Mom: I’m not stopping…I’m not quitting…I am not giving up. I’m still fighting…
Hurricane: (interrupts)
See, fighting what? Why?…You feel fine remember?…You raised me ok…I am smart and you should know that. Don’t underestimate me Mom…It’s like you always say, Momma didn’t raise no fool.
Mom: No, I didn’t
Hurricane: Then don’t act like you have…
Mom: Baby, do you think talking will help? Do you think if I was dying it would save my life?
Hurricane: Yes…No…I don’t know
Mom: OK…Then what do you want?
Hurricane: I want you to get better, I want to grow up like normal eagles.
Mom: Baby, I want you to…and I want to get better, but it’s possible that will not happen.
Hurricane: I know
Mom: Then what is it…I didn’t raise no fool and I know you did not come here just to visit. Baby, if you don’t want to be treated like a baby…then talk. Now’s the time.
Hurricane: I just want to see why I made you so angry? Why am I a failure? I’ve been a thorn in your side since the day I was born. (crying) I say I love you but I don’t show it.
Mom: (calm) Baby I know you do.
Hurricane: (crying) Mom…I can’t…I just can’t…
Mom: (calm) You can’t what Baby
Hurricane: It’s my fault your sick.
Mom: No…It’s not
Hurricane: Yes it is. You said, ‘Don’t lie, be honest’
Mom: I am. Baby from the first day you were born I’ve loved you. From that day you made me happy. Made my life that much if not even more better…Baby I think without you I would have died a long time ago. You’re what keeps me going. You’re what keeps me fighting. Your what keeps me alive.
Hurricane: I am?
Mom: Yes, since you were born you have brought me so much happiness in life. I know when it is my time you’ll bring me more happiness. Baby!…I don’t want you to mourn my death…But celebrate my life.
Hurricane: (shaking his head, crying) No!…No, no, no…Mom…promise me…just promise me you won’t leave me
Mom: (calm) Now Baby I can’t do that.
Hurricane: (angry/crying) Yes!…Yes you can, just promise me please
Mom: I can’t…I can’t make a promise I might brake…Everybody has to leave sometime. (Hurricane shaking his head) Even you.
Hurricane: No Mom promise
Mom: Baby all that should matter is I’m here now
Hurricane: It does
Mom: (voice echoes and fades away)
OK, Baby I love you
Hurricane: Mom!…Mom!…
Scene 2
Hurricane awakes in a sweat. Breathing heavily, he looks over at his bird seed clock. It flashes twelve o’clock ante meridian (am). He throws his covers back and steps out of bed. The room was dark, but he makes his way to the door. He twists the knob and opens the door. Hurricane walks out of his room slowly, and turns into the hallway. He walks down the hall as the moon shines in threw a window. Casting strange shadows on the hallway walls.
Hurricane continues to walk down the hall, his heart skipping beats. He realized the short hallway to his mothers room became longer. He arrives in front of his mothers door. Reaches out for the knob and turns. It creeks as he pushes forward and walk inside. He looks to his mothers bed and sees the form of her body under the covers. She was showing all signs of life, by snoring and breathing heavily. Her body moves up and down. Hurricane walks toward her.
Hurricane: (whispers)
(She did not wake. He continues to walk to the bed. Once he reaches the bed, he bend down on his knees)
Hurricane: (talks regular)
The lump moves and looks up at him. Starting towards him it embraces him.
He thought the moon’s light threw the window was playing tricks on him, because the person who’s hugging him did not appear to be his mother.
Seconds later she pushes him away and his suspicions were confirmed for he sees a mirror image of his mother. His mother years younger. It was a beautiful young Eagle, which he knew. She is part of him, his flesh in blood. She embraces him again and he feels his sister crying. She once again pushes him away from her embrace.
Tay: Baby…Momma’s Gone
Hurricane: Scene 3
I just found out my mother has died. I don’t know…I guess it hasn’t hit me. But the dream I had did. Because it was more than a dream. I was afraid my mother would die. I was afraid I would forget her. But the dream…it showed me she is still alive and will always be alive. I guess I can think about it as her death is my life…It hurts me but I have to say my mother’s death is going to open up more doors for me.
My family, so I can live on. I can pass on my life and experiences. I can do it.
My finishing school, I can do it so I can make money and support the family I want. I can do it.
There is nothing standing in my way, I mean I don’t have to worry about my mother…not just because she is died but because I know she loves me and she is supporting me.
So I am going to do my job and be good and finish school so I can have my family…It was my mother’s strength and love that will keep me on track. It was that that will keep me going, for I know that beautiful Eagle I called Mom and my queen loves me. I try to see it as my Queen had her Prince and raised him. Because she is still raising me even though she is gone.
(starts to walk away, stops and then turns around and talks again)
Oh! Yeah I forgot to say. Don’t worry about my mother and I. Because we died a long time ago.
    The End.