A Play by Nairobi C.

Performance: September, 2001
Youth Guidance Center, San Francisco

Characters: Poppy the talking parakeet. 21 yrs old. Jay the blue jay. 30 yrs old. His brother.
Time: 1:30 pm, Good Friday
Place: Jay’s place in California. We see a TV in a living room and dining room set and a love seat and Pictures of childhood memories.
At Rise: Jay and Poppy walk though the front door and embrace.


What’s up Jay? How’s life been treatin’ you?


You know me, just taking it one day at a time. I’m trying to get this schoolwork done.

Poppy: Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with that, but the reason why I called this meeting today because mom is sicker than you think she is.

How bad is it?


I think it’s pretty bad man, because I know when something is really wrong with mom.

Jay:   Man I knew something like that was wrong.
Poppy:   How did you know?

Cause I could hear it in your voice. You seem kind of nervous. I can always tell when there is a problem with you.

Poppy:   Yeah, you right. You always could, but the real issue here is that I need you to come back to Peru with me.
Jay:   Man, I knew it! I knew you were going to try to come and tell me something funny like this. You know I got big priorities that are way over your head.
Poppy:   I don’t have time for your ego trip. This is a very serious situation. I need you to come and help out with our mother.
Jay:   Yes, ok. I understand that but like I said before and I will say again I have priorities that I need to take care of; and beside she is probably not that bad anyway.
Poppy:   How can you sit here and say a thing like that? You have not even seen her and how she looks. The one thing, well, the least thing you can do is see how she is doing in her situation.
Jay:   Poppy, do you understand the words that is coming out of my mouth?

Ok, I see how it is. All the things that she has done for you and this is how you return the favor. I thought that you love her.

Jay:   Ok, let me ask you a question?
Poppy:   What? And it better be a damn good one too.

You say that she has done me some favors. Like what? You were the one that she love the most. You always got the special treatment and believe it or not I always felt left out.


How dare you say something like that? It was not her fault you always kept to yourself and never wanted to talk about your feelings. You always stayed under daddy.


And that’s exactly why I did. He always felt me on a whole nother level. That’s why I respect him as my dad and as a man. Because he was always there for me in the time of need.


Damn, my brother is cold as ice. That’s him in his stubborn ways. Put one-way or the other, I will break him down. I really need him to. Not just for my mother’s case, but for my situation as well. I really want to become a teacher so I can help those not on the level that they should be on. And he went to college and graduated. I think he needs to give it a rest and let me goto college so I can graduate and begin my life like he did.
We can’t dwell on the past we have to move forward. The best that we can do is use the past as fuel for the future.

Jay:   I don’t know Poppy that will be kind of hard for me to forget.
Poppy:   Jay, what are you scared of? You need to look at the bigger picture here.
Jay:   What is the bigger picture? Tell me.
Poppy:   The bigger picture is plain and simple. For one, we need to keep mom alive, which I know that you want. That we all want. And we can’t do that in California now could we? And plus I need to go to school and work to pay for my college tuition cause that’s the next step for me.
Jay:   You know, I don’t really want to go. (Pause) But you know what little bro? I’m going back with you. You always been in my corner. You never steered me wrong, I never steered you wrong. And besides, I could always put my schooling aside. I know I should’ve said that before, but I didn’t because you were right. I do need to put that behind me. I know that you are getting older and smarter too. I really do love our mom. This is the least I can do to make sure she gets better.
Poppy:   Damn, that’s the best decision you made all year. (Pause) It was a good choice. Now we need to make the proper move and leave.
  (Poppy and Jay fly off to Peru)
    The End.