A play by Maya A.

Performance: November, 2004
Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, San Mateo

Characters: Beautiful Luna, the moon
Time: 6:00 pm November 19, 2004. It’s autumn going into winter, so it looks like purity because there is change going on.
Place: She lives right next door to her friend the earth. Luna’s habitat is very beautiful. It’s something you’ve never seen before, and will never be able to see. It smells like fresh lavender. The air is very pure and clean. Her surroundings are like everyday fireworks. It looks like heaven. Heaven looks like Disneyland.
At Rise: Beautiful Luna wakes up, 6 o’clock pm, when her partner the sun goes down. You feel me? And she starts pouring out her heart…

Beautiful Luna:

(Her legs are crossed, her hands clasped, palms down in her lap.)

I don’t know what my feelings are. As religious as I am, you have never answered a prayer. But I still love you. I believe in you and will always because I can feel you’re there.

(God yawns and stretches his arms.)

Because I know some people would say screw you, you’re not there!

(God rolls his eyes, sucks his teeth and sucks his breath.)
(Luna uncrosses her legs, leans forward, looks at him, hands clasped.)

Every year I wish to go to earth to help people smile and help them feel appreciated and happy.

(God is slouching.)
(On the next line, Luna uses her hands as she speaks; open backhand to the other hand and shaking her clasped hands.)

No matter their religious beliefs, their race, color and even if they’re gay, they should be appreciated.

(Luna uses her pointer finger in the air, to her heart, hit fist, to heart, then open palm to her heart on the following line.)

One thing I know is that the pain that I’m going through right now would not add up to the pain I had before.

(Luna’s hands are clasped in her lap.)

My heart has hated so many years and doesn’t have any room to hate anybody, because it’s hated for 17 million years. I know you would consider me a soldier surviving from my own war.

(Beautiful Luna’s palm is open to the air on the next line.)

I don’t understand why you never answered any prayers. And I’m still here today. I hope someday you will answer my prayers.

(On this line, Beautiful Luna leans forward and looks at him. She will slice her palm sideways through the air as she speaks.)

Also what I would like is for you to hear me and know what I really want. I want you to see me as me, as Beautiful Luna. And I want you to know my favorite color. Lavender. My favorite smell is lavender too. And I want to help people who feel the same way as I do.

(Angrily says…)
(God turns away.)

I feel very confused because I could feel you sitting there pretending you’re listening as you turn around and look at me as a number of your creations. Why are you leaving me hanging? I feel terrified that you say you’re listening but you don’t even budge or talk to me. All you do is roll your eyes. I don’t know what to do next. I’ve asked questions, I’ve done everything. I feel frustrated right now because I don’t know what to do next. Can you help me please? You say you understand but don’t understand because you never been through what I’ve been through. Which is hanging here 17 million years. Never had a prayer answered, had a hug, a kiss, an I love you. So you know what I can do it myself. So what I’m going to do is create a meteor to collide with me so a piece goes down to earth. And make people feel special and appreciated. And I’m going to do it alone with out your help. So you’re not going to stop me or do anything to stop me because I am no longer afraid to make my wishes come true. Because I can do it myself. I could see you looking around who is looking at us because I know you feel ashamed, angry, annoyed, and humiliated in front of all these people.


You know I’ve been very selfish, only thinking about myself. You’re right. And I am sorry. You deserve better.

Beautiful Luna: Why did you talk now, after all this?

Because I didn’t believe in you and didn’t think you could do it. So I ignored you. I feel very horrible.
(He feels, bad, looks into her eyes and grabs her hand and says~)
You’re special.

    The End.