A Play by Jose Lombera

Performance: November, 2002
Gateway School, San Mateo

Character: Lil Fly the Fly
Mario the Bee
Time: 8 pm dark, very cold winter
Place: In the movies, there’s seats and a ring where there’s fight. A lot
of lights, smells like popcorn. Flys and bees in the seats.
At rise: Lil Fly and Mario the Bee are sitting down watching wrestling


Lil Fly:

Why are you trying to get with my girl?


I just like her. There’s nothing wrong.

Lil Fly: What do you mean there’s nothing wrong. That’s my girl.

So, but I like her.

Lil Fly:

I don’t care if you like her, she’s mines.

Mario: You are not worth it to have her. Because you’re always working and you ain’t gonna have time to make her happy.
Lil Fly: You think you’re worth it? I’m working so much for we can have money for our wedding and our honeymoon. And you don’t work at all.

Yes I’m working.

Lil Fly: Don’t make me LAUGH.
Mario: I’m not.
Lil Fly: But she don’t like you, she likes me.
Mario: So, she probably likes me too.
Lil Fly: How much do you want to bet she don’t like you.
Mario: Anything you want.
Lil Fly: I’m very mad because of what you did. You tried to kiss her. They told me you tried to kiss her. Now I’m really mad.
Mario: She wanted me to.
Lil Fly: No she didn’t, you were grabbing her so hard she couldn’t do anything.
Mario: She’s lying, she wanted me to.
Lil Fly: Why did you do this to me, when we have been friends for a very long time.

Like I said I’ll do anything to get her. I’m gonna buy her stuff anything she wants. And I’m gonna tell her you were with some other girls so she’ll get mad at you and break up with you. And I’m gonna tell her that I’m gonna kill myself if she doesn’t choose me so she’ll know how much I love her. For she’ll know I would do anything for her.

Lil Fly:

I know she won’t believe you cause she knows I always say the truth. And she knows the only one I like is her. And she ain’t gonna believe you about another girl because I’m always with her day and night. And she’s not interested about you buying her stuff, she’s only interested in feelings.


She’s probably interested in my feelings and probably interested in another guys and doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.

Lil Fly: I know she doesn’t want another boyfriend cause she told me all the time that she loves me and she would die if she loses me.
Mario: I think you should let her go cause you could probably find another girl. Better than her. Cause you fall in love with girls so easily.
Lil Fly: Never it won’t happen. Cause she’s very sweet to me, she never lies. She’s beautiful, nice body and honest. I can trust her. I don’t think I could find another girl, cause they’re all stuck up and they want to have one or two boyfriends at the same time. And they’re ugly. There are many beautiful girls but not like my girlfriend.
Mario: I like her cause she has a nice body and she’s beautiful and she like to flirt with her boyfriends and I like those kind of girls.
Lil Fly: I’m so angry I just want to fight you and I don’t’ want to be your friend no more. And when she chooses we’re gonna move on to somewhere else and you won’t see us again.
Mario: It’s OK to me you don’t want to be my friend, so I don’t want to be your friend either… you know Fly, I used to care about you so much. I didn’t let you get into trouble, get into fights, I used to always care about you. And when you were sad I used to try to make you happy. All the things I used to care about I don’t care about no more.
Lil Fly: I used to feel the same feelings but not no more. I’m just very sad about what happened between us. Cause you’re always gonna be between us. Screwing up everything between us. You’re never gonna let me be happy. I feel sad… let’s go to my girlfriend’s house and she’s gonna decide who she really wants to be with.
(So they start to walk to her house, they get there and they knock on her door and Fly opens the door.)
Fly: What are you guys doing here?
Lil Fly: We just came here for you to choose who you want to be with. 
Fly: The only one I want to be with is Lil Fly. He’s the one I’m going out with and the only one I love.
(Mario just walks away and goes home. On the way home he started thinking.)
Mario: (Aside) I just lost my best friend. I’m not gonna have anyone to hang out with. I can’t believe I just lost my best friend for something that didn’t even belong to me. I wish this never happened. But it was my fault. I need to deal with it. It’s hard to admit the thing that I don’t got my friend no more. And just because I was jealous of him, I lost him. And just because he was getting more attention and I didn’t. Only for dumb things – stupid things. Not getting attention from girls and not having a nice girlfriend. I wasn’t even thinking when I was trying to get with his girl. I can’t believe I was so stupid. I should have been smarter than that, like thinking the right things, like, I should have never done that to my best friend. And stay out of other people’s relationships, especially my best friend… used to be… now I just got to deal with it.
    The End.