by Shadihia M.




CHARACTERS:             Killer the Pit Bull, age 6 months


                                 Mud, the Raccoon, age 6 months



SETTING:                    Dangerous alleyway.  Misty and moist, thundering, nasty             


                                       dried up blood everywhere.  Dead animals laying around,


                                  cars riding by, gunshots going off, enemies, water dripping,


                                  screaming, hollering, dirty walls, vomit everywhere,


                                  mice running around.



TIME:                          12 midnight



AT RISE:                      Killer is sitting in the alleyway.  Mud comes walking in.





Bro, what’s up?  Where you comin’ from?  What are we getting into today?




Whatever the wind brings us. We’re going to see how everything turn out today. 


We’re going to go from there.






Sounds good to me but we got to have my little brother go with us.  I think you


should come with me to stay at a better habitat at Ocean Beach.  And things 


gonna be much better.  We can’t separate from each other.





Naw man.  I’m not comin’  I love my community and they need me around here


and they need you to.





Mud, I just want you to come with me.  I want to change my life and I want you


to join me.





Naw man.  I’m cool where I’m at…right here in this alleyway.  I got respect and


love around here.  Everyone does what I say.  I don’t want to go anywhere.  I got


love right here. 



Mud, man…I think you should come with me.  You don’t have to live like this no


more.  You see I’m trying to move on and better myself.  I want the same for


you.  We’re so close.  We’re like brothers.





I never thought about leaving home. I grew up here and I feel that I need to


stay here even though it do sound good to go to a new habitat.  But I’m just


so in love with this alleyway because all the respect and power that I get.  It


just feels so good to me to know that everyone around here listen to what I say


and I tell them what to do.





All power is not good power.  You got to earn your respect and work for it. 


You can’t just bully people and think they’re gonna respect you.  I want to


better myself in life and not be stuck in this alleyway all my life.  It’ s starting


to get too dangerous and out of control.




I know it’s getting dangerous but I can handle it.  I’m a raccoon.  I can take


care of myself.   I don’t need no one to tell me what to do.  Even though 


we grew up together it doesn’t mean anything.  Stayin’ right here!





Stay right here.  You think you’re a big shot and running things.  That’s not the


right way to go.  Even though I was there doin’ all of that with you I thought


about some things and I’m changing my life and tryin’ to find a better habitat.


Ain’t you getting tired of this alleyway.  Blood stains everywhere, dead animals,


roaches, dirty food in the dumpster.  I need a better habitat and I want it so bad.


I want it for you, me, and my little brother…Start all over…a new start.  I


have to do better, change my ways, and get out of this alleyway because


I see a bright future ahead of me and I have to make it happen.




Well, it do sound good. Just give me a few more days to think about it.  I like


how you talking and have been doin’ a lot of things around here.  I’m gonna


let you know when I’m ready.  You can’t expect it’s gonna be any time soon.


But soon as I’m ready I’m gonna let you know.  I’m not gonna let you down. 


I’m in this with you.  We’ve been there for each other since day one.





I need to make a change for myself because I been through a lot of stuff…


getting into trouble, beating up other dogs, doin’ bad stuff in this alleyway. 


But something came into my mind  that I got to do better—better myself. 


Mom and Dad was never there to give us the life we needed.  I have


to step up and make that happen.  I want to be acknowledged.  I want to help


bring peace to the community.  I don’t want so much trouble.





You know what man, I’ll feel real bad if you leave me, Killer.  I know it’s


dangerous here.  Other animals is dying and getting hit by cars.  I know you


don’t want it to be one of us.  I think you should just stay here with me.  If you


leave I’ll be sad, depressed.  It wouldn’t be the same without you here.  All


the other animals will be asking about you. You know, I’m going to miss you so


much.  I think you should stay here with me.  We’re brothers—we can work


things out, you know. 





This alleyway is too much trouble—dog catchers getting other animals.  I don’t


want that to be me and you.  Other animals are dying.  They’re fightin’ each


other.  Dogs and cats are gettin’ hit by cars.  That’s a scary sight.  Bad people


around the neighborhood do bad things to us. We don’t want that. Mud, I’m


gonna feel real sad if I leave you.  We’ve been there for each other.  I just can’t


leave you like that.  We got to come up with a solution.  Mud, man, is you


gonna come with me?  Because I just seen the dog catcher’s car down the


alleyway.  I don’t want him to catch you or me because that’s gonna hurt


a lot. If one of us get caught we’re gonna be in a pound with other dogs–


caged up, eating nasty food.  We not gonna be able to eat the food that we want.


Sometimes they put animals to sleep.  I know you don’t want that and I don’t


neither.  Being put to sleep ain’t nothin’ nice.


Mud, are you ready to go? He’s coming fast.  Are you ready to go? This is a life


or death situation here man, and I love you. 



Yes, I made up my mind, brother.  All that stuff you said is real.  It could happen


to me or you.  I just needed some time to think about it.  I’m ready to go.  Let me


tell my friends goodby.





Mud, come on man.  I see him.  He’s comin’ .  Come on, come on. Hurry. 


We don’t have time to waste. 


    (Hear the sound of brakes.  A door slams.  We see 2 dog catchers)


Mud, let’s go.  They’re here.  We gotta run, we gotta run.





OK, I’m right behind you.  I’m coming.  We need to run faster. 


     (Both start panting)





The dog catcher is right behind you.  Keep up.



I am.  I’m right behind you brother.  We gonna make it out of here together.






Watch out, a car is coming…We got it.  Come on.  He’s not behind us no more.


I don’t see him.  I think the coast is clear.  Let’s hide out right here, under this