Bye, Bye, My Love (2009)

A Play by Edgar R.

CHARACTERS: Bottle, Aged 17
SETTING: In a Dollar Store, in a poor area in San Francisco.  The Dollar Store, it’s always dirty, and always smelly.  Also, it’s always crowded with customers and cool because is close to the coast.
TIME: 8 pm, July 26th 2009
AT RISE: At Rise:  Zero is sad because he has to choose between his dream or his longtime girlfriend the Rock Star.   His looking into Rock Star’s eyes.


(a deep breath)
Boo.  I got to tell you something!


Rock Star
(concern) Tell me Zero, what is it?


My love I have been trying to tell you this since the morning, but I couldn’t.  It’s that I want you to come with me to the big house where I was telling you that they collect famous drinks, and as you know I am one of them and I really want you to meet my great-great-great-great-great-great grampa the first coca-cola ever made I promise it’s gonna be fun, so what do you think?


Rock Star
Zero you know that first of all I don’t want to go to that “famous shelf of yours.”  And you know that I’m living for Paris at 9:00, so no Zero, no and no and no!


(so devastated) What!  Boo.  I thought you love me I thought you really care about me, why are you doing this to me?  Why?  Rock Star.  Why!


Rock Star
(a deep breath) Zero you know that I really care about you and everything but my answer is no! and that’s that.


You know what!  Last time I was thinking about those nights that we used to talk for hours and hours about our dreams and everything and I think everything was a lie.  You’re always telling me that   “Oh Zero you would never ever be on that shelf.  You are so cheap and you are not the only one in this nasty and ugly cheap Dollar Store.  So don’t wake up your hopes up ok”. Oh my god I really thought that you were the one in my life.


Rock Star
Oh, come on Zero you know I’m strait to the point, so don’t try to make me feel guilty.  Cuz I’m not!  You know what Zero, oh my god what a nasty name ‘Zero”.  I’m gonna tell you something that I’ve been trying to tell you for sometime.  It’s that I’ve been seen another drink you know him the Pepsi and he is willing to come with me to Paris not as you always complaining.


(a single drop comes out his cap) Is OK!
Estrella I’ve been hearing rumors about that but my hard cap never wanted to believe that because I thought this was real love!  I’m so stupid for believing that but I really want you to know that I really love you, don’t matter what, so if you want to go to Paris fine go ahead.  Fly and fly as a dove, mi amour.


Rock Star
I’ m very sorry everything got to end like this but remember that every thing I say used to say it about you that you were so handsome and everything so you can always get all the energy drinks you want. And bye, Zero.


Good bye my little Rock Star!
(the clock shows 9:00 pm)
So the collector isn’t coming…As I wait here in this darkness, feeling worthless, I’ve losed everything, But I must give some hope that some day I will be my dreams. A customer buys me, and drinks me and throws me to the side all by myself.  Feeling abandoned and empty.
(he thinks about his girlfriend.)
That crazy girl Rock Star. The street in front of the Dollar Store is lonely with out cars passing.  The only thing I can hear the only sound I can hear is the fridge making his sound in the whole store.
Being in the darkness
(Zero loses the last drops out of his cap.)
Losing love.
Bye, Bye, my love.