A Play by Samantha L.

Performance: February, 2002
Youth Guidance Center, San Francisco

Time:1:00 p.m./ Monday Afternoon
Place: The flower garden by the lake where there is a beautiful blue freshly splashing waterfall. Big and small birds chirping and squealing, elephants trumpet fine tunes.  It smells of fresh tall green grass and damp dirt.  It tastes of refined fruits, nuts, and berries with the wild colors of green, purple, yellow, and orange sunflowers, daisies, and tulips.  There is the feel of sticky sap on the bottom of your palms when you walk.
At Rise: EMERALD, the white lion is filling out the rest of her enrollment papers.
TREASURE, the tiger, is sitting down reading a hunters book



Ay Treasure! Whatcha ova dere doin?

Treasure: I’m reading this Big-ass book. It’s something like a Hunters Guide. Real good ya should read it.
Emerald: Anyways, Are ya busy?
Treasure: Nope, not really.
Emerald: Do ya have the time to run me ova to dis school to get enrolled?
Treasure:   Nope, not really.
Emerald:   Ya got the time dontcha?

Nope, not really.

Emerald:   Why not? Ya ain’t got nuthin’ to do?
Treasure:   How in the hell are ya gonna tell me what I gotta do?  Man, quit dealin’ wit’ that foolishness.
Emerald:   IHow is school foolishness?
Treasure:   Gal, its’a waste of time.
Emerald:   Whatcha talking? Ya ova dere trippn’ School is very important to me. It’s my last year.
Treasure:   It’s too late, ya done already missed a year, ya gotta backtrack dat one befo ya go to da next one.
Emerald:   Man, I ain’t gotta backtrack nuthin, Whatcha talkin? I gots one mo school year left befo I graduate wit the big dogs. So what’s crackin? You gonna take me or what?
Treasure:   I done told you already, you ain’t gonna learn nuthin, you ain’t got the capabilities.
Emerald:   (crying)What the hell you mean, I ain’t got no capabilities?
Treasure:   Just like I said, you can’t do it and you ain’t gonna do it.
Emerald:   (With attitude) I can do whatever I want if I put my mind to it.  As a matter of fact I’m gonna put my mind to it.  How ya luv that ? So is that how you really feel about me?  You my best friend, you supposta be dere fo me no matter what. So is that what our friendship is based off of, no faith in each other? That’s not how it’s supposed to be.

(looking dumbfounded with her mouth open)You ain’t never been there for me. I’ve tried talking to you but you don’t never listen. I be feelin like it’s a one way street.


I don’t remember you tryna talk to me about any of dis.  We best friends, we supposta be able to talk about anything. I feel crushed after I see how you really feel about me.
So what’s the problem Treasure? Are you afraid of what I may be able to become? You don’t have no faith in me and I didn’t really have no faith in you. I didn’t really have no faith in you cause I thought you was tryin to sabotage my education. Especially when you were telling me that I was not capable of accomplishing my goals. I  just don’t understand why you don’t have faith in me.


I dunno. (Pause) Maybe You’re right. Maybe I am scared. I’m a little scared you might become somebody and leave me. I don’t want you to leave me out in the cold by myself. Who else will be here with me?

Emerald:   Well, what the hell, at this point, I feel like leavin ya anywhere, but now, you are my best friend, and I do have a heart, so I can’t just leave you out in the cold like that.
Treasure:   You my best friend too, you mean the world to me, but you didn’t have faith in me when I needed you, nor were you concerned, so why am I to be bothered withcu?
Emerald:   So what we gonna do?
Treasure:   I dunno. Whatcha think we should do?
Emerald:   So you gonna take me to school or what? You know you da only one old enough to take me to school. I can’t enroll myself.  If you don’t take me to school I’m not gonna be nobody. Is that what you want, for me to a dumb bum?
Treasure:   How me takin you to school is gonna benefit me, especially by you bein the dumb bum?
Emerald:   Treasure, I really need you right now, I’ve been knowin you since we were babies, especially after out parents died together. You know that meant a lot to me.  If you take me to school it’s gonna open a lot of doors and opportunities for me cause I can go and learn, try new things. You’re like a big sister so whatever happens to me, or benefits me will benefit you also, always that’s how it is a 50-50 deal.
Treasure:   (With Attitude) But you act like you the only one dat has needs, you’re not the only person in this world you know? I axed you three months ago to help me hunt, you know I don’t know how, and you told me I don’t have the strength. That insulted and offended me, I been wantin to tell you how I felt for a long time. Now it feel good to finally get it out. Ya Know?
Emerald:   So what are we to do T?
Treasure:   I’m not quite sure. I’m not even sure if I understand.
Emerald:   Well,  It’s like if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.  We’re suppose to be tight like that.
Treasure:   What ever so do you mean?
Emerald:   I mean, well you take me to school, and I’ll teach you to hunt
Treasure:   I can cope with dat my dear.
Emerald:   I like dat. I like dat a lot.
Treasure:   I’m feelin it.
Emerald:   Smell Me?
Treasure:   For real, For real, Real talk 2002, I luv ya lil sis and I wish the best for you.
Emerald:   All that mushy stuff, luv ya too.
    The End