by Denzel



Characters:     D’Easy the Storm, Age 12, Male

      Shockey the Lightning, Age 10, Male


Setting:  In New Orleans, in the projects, there’s flooded houses and broken cars and a lot of hail everywhere, it’s cold and       

             windy and abandoned houses.  Bad pollution and people are dyin, injured and hurt.


Time:     Summer, 1 pm


At Rise:    D’Easy is over the top of the neighborhood and Shockey is striking houses.

D’Easy:     Shockey, we need to stop doin what we doin!

Shockey:  What you talkin bout bra?

D’Easy:     I’m talkin bout the disasters we causin here in these streets!

Shockey:  What you mean?  You want out or something?

D’easy:     My parents told me it’s my last strike.  I can’t keep destroyin the place or they gonna leave me.

Shockey:  Fo real bra?  Why they on you like dat?

D’Easy:    They want me to make a change.  We ain’t doin nothing but tearin our community apart.

Shockey:  What you talkin about a change?  All I know is to knock stuff down.  That’s what my father taught me to do.

D’Easy:    I’m tryin teach you how to change, how to make our place a better place for the both of us!

Shockey:  You trippin bra.  I ain’t trying t’ change right now.  We been doin this since we was 2 years old.

D’Easy:     I know we been doing this for so long but I don’t want my parents to leave me like your parents left you.

Shockey:   (angry) Don’t bring my parents in this.  You bein selfish right now.  Only thinkin about what your parents want for you.

D’Easy:     If you don’t stop, I’ma have to end this friendship and I don’t want wanna do that.

Shockey:   End this friendship?  You the only family I got left!

D’Easy:      I know.  That’s why I want you to make a change like me.  Cause that last Hurricane we caused almost cause my parents to leave me.

Shockey:   Storm Please!  You know you like doin what we do.  Knockin’ buildings down, tearin things apart.

D’Easy:      I know I like doin what we do just cause we been doin it so long, but when it comes to my loved ones it’s a different story.  My parents don’t like it and I don’t like the fact that they goin to leave if we don’t get our acts together.

Shockey:   What I got to do with your parents leavin you?

D’Easy:      Cause you like my brother and my parent’s are like your parents, so they want the best for both of us.

Shockey:   So bra how we goin change?  (sarcastic)

D’Easy:      I really don’t know but we could make it rain a little bit or a little breeze here and there or something.  We could even make it snow or something.  Instead of striking lightning and wind storms and stuff.

Shockey:   (Being funny/sarcastic)  Uh that’s cool too.  But doing what I been doin brings me closer to my father.

D’Easy:      I know you miss your father but you can’t be just following in his footsteps destroying stuff.  You need to put yourself in your own shoes.

Shockey:   I ain’t got nuttin to remember my own father from but the ways he showed me.  He showed me how to strike, how to be violent, create forest fires, ways to create a static charge.  He was the most destructive Sun in the world and I wanna be like him.

D’Easy:    (shaking his head) A’ight brother.  What you want to do? You want our relationship to end or you wanna be friends?  Cause we gonna need to choose today.

Shockey:  Brother you sound like you want to end our friendship or something.

D’Easy:     I’m the closest person you got right now and we both watched your parents leave when you were five.  Leave you with nothing but bad choices.  I ain’t sayin I your dad or nothing but I’m tryin to teach you good choices in life.

Shockey:  I know you ain’t my father.  You my brother.  What can I do to make this place a better place for us?  How lightning goin do New Orleans any good?

D’Easy:    You can create positive energy and benefit the plants.  You can light up New Orleans at night when there’s a black out or something.

Shockey:  People know me cause what my father did.  If I make a change people aren’t gonna recognize me the same way they did.  Bra, today the perfect day for us to create the biggest hurricane, bigger than Katrina, then we can get recognized for being the biggest disaster in New Orleans.  I need you to back me up on this one.  This could be the most powerful one we ever created.

D’Easy:   You a hard headed little spark!  If we go through with this then we over.  I really love my parents and I wouldn’t do nothing for them to leave me.  I love you too, I don’t want us to split apart but they took care of me, taught me good from bad and now it’s time to stop.  You sound like you scared to change.

Shockey: I don’t know.  What is change?  I see you you happy with your family.  You got everything I don’t got.  You know how that make me feel?  Every day I be thinking about that.  That I really wanna be a part of your family.

D’Easy:    You is part of this family.  Just because your connection with family isn’t as strong as mine don’t mean they don’t love you. They want you to change, that’s showin love right there.  My family is your family.

Shockey:  I never thought your parents had love for me the way you sayin.  I thought they only thought about you and what’s best for you.

D’Easy:    You trippin out little bra.  Dang.  What’s wrong with you?

Shockey:  I’m telling you I need some help right now.  Makin a change, it ain’t that easy for me to make a change like you.  Cause you was taught wrong from right and I was just taught wrong.

D’Easy:    Tryin to teach you lil bro.  So let me help you.  So is you willin to pick me over your father’s dream?