A Play by Ashley B.

Performance: May, 2002
Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, San Mateo

Time: Summer 1998 – 1:00 AM
Place: In the lush, sticky hot South American Jungle.  They’re in their dark, humid, tension-filled cave.
At Rise: Emotions are running high and Moon Beam, the lioness is packing her bags. Brightsun, the lion limps into the room.


What are you doing?

Moon Beam:

I can’t take this anymore; I’m leaving you and the kids!

Brightsun: What?!  You can’t do that!  I can’t raise them alone!
Moon Beam:

I’m also not paying for your medical care anymore.  You can die from that cancer for all I care!


Please don’t leave Moon Beam. The kids and I need you. I love you.

Moon Beam:   Who do you think you’re fooling?  Fine I’ll give you a choice, you change or I leave….
Brightsun:   I can’t help you much, I’m sorry, but you know I’ve sick.
Moon Beam:  

You do nothing but sit around all day. You don’t help me at all, then you go out with your buddies until the middle of the night and you’re not available for me or the kids at all. You’re lazy, and no good. I can’t live like this anymore. All you want to do is fight constantly.

Brightsun:   That’s not true and you know it!  If that’s the way you feel then leave.
(Aside) I can’t let her leave, I need her, but I can’t stand living like this either. I don’t know what to do.
Moon Beam:   You’ll die without me.
Brightsun:   I’m dying with you!  I’m too sick to help out as much as I used to.  I didn’t want to tell you, but now I think I have to…
Moon Beam:   What, what is it?
Brightsun:   The doctor says I’m about to die.  I need you.  When I go out with Mooch he’s taking me to the doctor, and we play cards so I can have “some” fun before I die, and cards is mellow enough for me to play even when I’m sick.
Moon Beam:   Oh my god, why didn’t you tell me?  You poor thing.

Because you seemed too stressed to deal with something like this.

Moon Beam:   So are you calling ME unavailable?
Brightsun:   No, No, No, well actually now that I think about it, as a matter of fact I am!
Moon Beam:  

So now “I’m” the unavailable one? Ha!


Look I can’t live this way either, you nag and you nag.

Moon Beam:  

Well you’re a horrible husband and father.
(Brightsun hits Moonbeam)


Don’t you talk to me like that.  I may be sick, but don’t you forget who’s in control.

Moon Beam:   If it weren’t for you the kids would have been brought up right.  Now both our sons are in jail and our daughter left in the middle of the night because of your yelling and she got raped.  You’re so worried about you’re being sick that you forget about the kids, you’re so selfish!
(Brightsun hits her again.)
Brightsun:   I told you not to take that tone with me woman.  How dare you blame that on me!  You were yelling that night as well.  And how could you suggest that I don’t care about the kids, I do all I can for them.  You’re the unsympathetic one.  We all know it was Billy who did it.  You saw him the other day and you said nothing.  A real parent would have killed him.  I wish I’d see him, god I wish I’d see him.
Moon Beam:   I know I should have said something to that bastard.  But God, I was so mad, that I was scared to open my mouth, but dammit you know it was your fault if it weren’t for you she would have never left that night.  All I’ve ever wanted was a good family and you’ve ruined it.
Brightsun:   All I want is to raise our kids right and you’ve ruined that, so we’re even.
Moon Beam:   What ever happened to you?  We used to be so close.
Brightsun:   Well I feel like you don’t care anymore.
Moon Beam:   I love you so much, God I couldn’t live if I left you, but I can’t live like this.
Brightsun:   I feel the same way, but what else can we do?
(Moon Beam disappears to another room. 
She finds a bark blade, and a bottle of poison berries.)
Moon Beam:  
I wish this could end,
It’s this broken heart I cannot mend
No longer can I cry
I wish I could die
Somebody shoot me
This life isn’t easy
Striving for perfection
Now I need your protection
Looking back in the mirror at my lingering reflection
Trying to fight this urge day after day
If I kill myself is it ok?
I wish I were perfect
Crying, looking in retrospect
Kill me,
Break me,
I’m your property
No longer do I care
Go ahead and stare
I know I’m different
But you know not what I meant
To go on, I’m scared,
And again I’m unprepared
I’m losing my sight
Losing this internal fight
I wish I could be you
I know you hate me too
I be, no more
A bird with broken wings, no longer I soar
It’s death in this hate
Everything left up to fate
I came a little too late
Look into my eyes,
And then tell me you aren’t responsible
For my cries
As death I kiss
Still I wish
(Brightsun walks into the room calling her name, he finds her unconscious bleeding on the floor, he begins crying.)
Brightsun:   Moon Beam, oh god Moon Beam what have you done, oh god why?

Oh god, if I only knew. Please God don’t let her die, the kids and I need her.Please, I promise never to hit her again. Please don’t take her away from me.I need her.I love her, oh god why?
(Brightsun picks her up and carries her to Dr. Gator. He leaves her there overnight and goes home.
I have to ask, why,
As I sit here and cry
This pain is too much,
With complications of love and such
Take me instead,
“She might not live”, the doctor said
I wish I could go back,
Because it’s self control I lack
I beg please,
Her pain, I ask you to ease
Please don’t take her from me,
These tears on my cheeks, don’t you see?
She wants nothing to stay the same.
She cried out for help and I never came.
Please don’t let her die
As I sit here and cry
(Moon Beam lives. He picks her up the next morning. Her paws are bandaged and she’s very groggy.)
Moon Beam:   What’s going on?  Why aren’t I dead?
Brightsun:   I found you and saved you. Why did you do what you did? 
I love you too much to lose you.
Moon Beam:   I just couldn’t take it anymore, I’m sorry.
Brightsun:   I promise I’ll never treat you bad again,
 just promise you’ll stay and not try to kill yourself again.
Moon Beam:   I promise. I’m sorry I was so inconsiderate about you being sick.  I’ll try harder to treat you better too.
Brightsun:   So the bad times are over between us?
Moon Beam:   They’re over
Brightsun & Moon Beam together:   Now we just have to worry about the kids.
    The End.