A Play by Camille W.

Performance: November, 2004
Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, San Mateo

Characters: Fluffy, the cloud
Lily, the bird (Fluffy’s sister)
Place: Sky above the Philippines
Time: 11:00 A.M. Now
At rise: both together about to chit-chat while drinking water.


Hey, Lil Sis, I got something ta tell ya. Can you kick back a sec?


Yeah sure, what’s wrong.

Fluffy: Well, see it’s like this. My wish right is almost a wrap and thought you woulda notice, but you haven’t and it hurt, ya noe?

I have noticed but I don’t see the point in your dream. It’s selfish. I mean go and shade somebody instead of just looking like Mickey Mouse shaped cloud.


That’s on you if you don’t like it. I do and that’s all I care bout. If you want people ta have shade then you go on and get em they shade. I wanna be a Mickey Mouse shaped cloud and imma be that cuz I’m tired of being ordinary. Imma stand out like da piece I am. You watch, you gonna feel stupid.

Lily: All this is unnecessary. It really is. This is childish.
Fluffy: Wats childish is yo issues. Why can’t you just be proud of me? You jealous, huh?

No, never jealous of you. Please. Of what, a Mickey Mouse cloud wannabe.
(whispering) Plus you get in the way of my relationships and having a husband and family. Why don’t you be happy for me?

Fluffy: I neva knew this Lil. Why you neva tell me. I do care. I neva meant ta get in da Way? How I do dat lil sis?
Lily: You saying it wasn’t intentional?
Fluffy: Yeah. Why would I push em away on purpose. I just want whats best fa ya. Yadada mean?.
Lily: I guess. But the fact is it happened. I just want to feel needed and be proud of my kids to be.
Fluffy: How ya gonna get pregnant if you ain’t gots nobody? I can hook you up with somebody if ya want. I know some pieces that single.
Lily: Actually, I got somebody but I haven’t introduced you two, afraid that you’d push him away.

My bad. I don’t mean too. How ‘bouts I meet him tomorrow? But first I wanna show you somethin’. Aight!

Lily: What are you gonna show me? Where is it?
Fluffy: It’s outside. Follow me. Since you started telling me somethin’ ‘bouts yo greatest wish, Imma tell you somethin’ bouts mines.
(they go outside)
See, look, I am putting my energy into something. It ain’t that easy putting’em molecules all together plus havin’ a Lil sista on yo back all the time.
Jesucristo, please help me with my sista Lily. See, the thing is that she thinks my greatest wish is selfish. My greatest wish is to be a Mickey Mouse shaped cloud because I don’t feel enough recognition as just a plain cloud. Sista Lily thinks that I could be recognized in less selfish ways but helpful to others. Oh, yeah, this was our argument this afternoon and caught up in my irritation. I forgot to mention this in the beginning. She seems to be baffled at the fact that I want to stress and add more work to be a Mickey Mouse cloud when I could go with the flow and do something that benefits others at the same time. She always be flying ‘round, messin’ up my molecules when I’m ‘bouts to be done.

I never looked at a cloud like that, but I still don’t understand why you can’t put it to better use. Let’s go see people that could use the shade.


If you could find somebody, then I’ll think about it. Aight, let’s go.
(they go to the next island over, Cebu)


There you go. I found somebody. Doesn’t it look like they need some shade on this sunny island?


Yeah, they look a lil sweaty. There gots ta be some way ta have my dream and this shade stuff that yo talkin’ ’bouts. Like me being Mickey Mouse while shadin’ people. That way everybody happy, ya noe.

Lily: You could but you gotta finish your dream first and then follow through with the shade thing.
(The next day Fluffy meets Lily’s boyfriend.)
Lily: (aside)
I have this problem that involves my greatest wish (have a partner and kids)
(to Fluffy)
What you think of my boyfriend? You like him? Thanx for being polite and acting like you like him even if you don’t. and my older sister, Fluffy. See, my sister and I are extremely close but she’s very overprotective. When I find somebody, she always finds something she don’t like about him. Then she’ll start pushing him away and she plans more stuff with me. This hurts but blood is thicker than water, right? When I get close to him he’s gone. I talk to my sis ‘bout this but she denies it. Saying she don’t realize it and apologizes, what do I do now?
Fluffy: Nah, lil sis. He coo. Ya know I been doing sum thinking and this wat I come up wit so far, the less I speak on, da betta. Cuz dat way I can’t push em away unless with my actions but that’s where you come in and keep me in check. Yadadamean. I just wanted the best for ya. But I’ve come ta da conclusion dat you know wat makes you happy. Weder it just for the moment or later on, you know betta than anybody else. I also decided dat wat I think would make you happier, correct meah if imma wrong, dat the more I support you da betta and not voice my opinions so aggressively, yeah?
Lily: Your definitely right. Thanx but I can’t help to wonder where you came up with this and why. Are you up to something because your really getting my hopes up here, making me think that I could have a family and still be cool with you like you approving of my babies daddy.
Fluffy: Nah, lil sis, I ain’t up ta nuthin. Why would I? I did some maturing over night. I finally realized that you feel the same way as I do. I mean dat I’m so frustrated wit not havin my wish and people disapproving. If only people could realize how much this means ta me. Like the feeling of not being noticed. Just anotha thing on this planet. And when they see you they don’t like wat dey see, ya noe. Maybe I’m trippin. I would just love to be noticed in a positive way. Like whoa, look at dat beautiful cloud. I wish I could be dat. Instead of the script being flipped. Basically wat imma sayin is dat I finally understand and relate to your frustration in not havin yo dream. I’m sorry dat I was in da wrong.
Lily: It’s okay sister. Like you said, I also understand that things happen unintentionally. I came up with a conclusion for you. I also did same thinking. I think you could shade people while being Mickey Mouse shape. If you want, it’s just a suggestion.
Fluffy: Dat Hecka sick. Good Lookin out sista. Thank you. Wat bout you & yo hubby?
Lily: He proposed and I said yes. (whispering) aaannnddd I’m pregnant.
    The End.