A Play by Hector S.

Performance: May 2003
Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, San Mateo

Characters: ABBY, an eagle, 17 years old.   PETER, a pit bull, her 18 year old cousin  
Time: Early in the morning.  9 am.
Place: A little spot on the island.  A tree house made up of a buncha leaves.  It’s so dark you can’t see nothing.  You hear monkeys… ooh ooh ah ooh ooh ah.  Snake goin’ SSSSSSSS.  It smells like when a cat dies and it tastes like a garbage can.
At Rise: ABBY’S praying in front of some candles.  PETER’S there already, buggin’ ABBY.  PETER’S barking and he’s got that little sound, Grrrrr.  He’s standing up.


Let’s go play! 
[ABBY keeps praying and PETER starts throwing plates, cups,table.  He goes up and throws the candles down] It didn’t have to come down to this.  You put me in this situation.


What are you doin?
[Starts poking him with her nose.]
Get outta my house!

Peter: But I wanna play.Why you ain’t answer my question?

But can’t you see I’m prayin’?


Yeah, but I really wanna play.  Today is my special day.

Abby: You can’t wait until I’m done prayin’?  Then I’ll go and like look for you and I will tell you the reason why I can’t play right now.
Peter: But today is my special day.  I want to play today.  You know you’re my cousin.

Why you so happy? Why you really want to play? What’s goin’ on witch you? You know?

Peter: I’m all excited, you know?Cuz I woked up happy. Cuz today’s a wonderful day because is so sunshine and I hear the birds singing and it makes me feel like today’s the day me and you can go and play.
Abby: Yeah, I understand everything. You feel excited. But I gotta pray so my wish comes true.
Peter: What do ya mean… What do ya mean that your wish will come true?
Abby: Well, I’m sorry for not telling you in the beginning, bout all this, but remember when my family died… I want them to come back alive.
Peter: But praying … you think it’s gonna come true?
Abby: But God ‘ready told me that my wish is coming true, that the thing is really gonna happen.

You should’ve told me this in the beginning so I won’t be bugging you and start throwing stuff around your house.

Abby: Well, look — today is the day that my wish will come true and I really gotta pray today.
Peter: Today?!  But today is a wonderful day!  I wanna play with you.  I wanna have fun with you.  If we do it the next day I ain’t gonna be happy and it ain’t gonna be my special day.

Well, look — um — just come later on today and see what’s gonna happen.


Alright.  [PETER goes away for one hour and comes back.  He knocks at the door.  ABBY answers the door.]


[aside] I see Abby.  She was so happy that I told her, “What’s wrong with you? Why you so happy?”


Guess what?

Peter: What?
Abby: Remember when you was laughing and making fun of me that my wish, it was not gonna come true?  They’re inside my house right now — my family.
Peter: What?!? [excited now] I can’t believe your family — they’re actually inside your house?
You know what?  Before you tell me about your family came — that your wish came true, I was gonna tell you about what I was gonna do.  Well, look — the first thing I would do is get in front of a crocodile and commit suicide.
If your family didn’t come true, that’s what I — basically I might do.
Abby: Yeah?!?  Come in!  Hurry up!  Come inside!
Peter: Whaaaat?!?  I don’t believe it!
Abby: Now is the time that we can go and play — and play with my family, since I got them with me already.
Peter: So — if I pray, you think I will have a good family?
Abby: Yeah — look — the things you gotta do is:
         – be good
         – concentrate on what you’re saying
         – talk to God and tell him what you really want, & your wish will come true, like me.
         Well, come one — Let’s go!
         Why are you so stuck?  Let’s go!  I thought you wanna go and play?
Peter: I can’t believe all the time that you was prayin’ — your wish really came true!
Well, I’m gonna start prayin’ now.  I’m gonna still be playing.  When I’m done playin’, I’m gonna be prayin’, too.  But every day, like you did.
Abby: Alright.  Well look, my wish came true already.  I don’t feel lonely now — I got my family by my side.  Now you can live with me and have a good family.
Peter: So — when should I move with you?  Today?  Or tomorrow?
Abby: Well — If you wanna move today, you can move today.  But — it’s starting getting kinda dark — so you might move early in the morning tomorrow. 
Peter: Now, we gonna be playing now?
Abby: Well, I’m sorry about not playing the day that you was feelin’ happy.
Peter: It’s alright.  I’ll let that one slide.  Just don’t do it again.
Abby: Hey Peter, do you know that Christmas is in a week?
Peter: Nah.  I forgot all about that.
Abby: So, what do you wanna do in Christmas?  What we gonna have for dinner?
Peter: I don’t know.  You gotta think about this in two more days.
Abby: How about if we have fish and ham and some corn?  And some wine?
Peter: Sure!  That’s a good idea!
Time: 8 o’clock Christmas night.
Place:Abby’s house.
At Rise:You see family there happy.  Abby’s happy ‘cause she’s got er family by her side.  The table is set for dinner with two candles and food.  You see a star on the Christmas tree.  It looks like the face of the angel smiling.  The family is singing ‘Feliz Navidad’.
Abby: Where’s the presents at?
Peter: We don’t need no presents.  The present is your family and my family.
Abby: That’s right!  We don’t need no presents. This is our presents right here with us.
[Next day.  It’s a beautiful day.  Abby wakes everyone up.]
Abby: Wake up!  Wake up!
Peter: What?!  What?!  It’s too early to wake up right now.
Abby: I feel good today!
Peter: What do you mean that you feel good today?
Abby: You know — I got my family.  I got you, cousin, livin’ with me. Christmas passed already.  And now I can do whatever I wanna do now.  I feel like an angel went inside of my body.
Peter: So you wanna play early in the morning?
Abby: Yeah, why not?  First, let’s exercise.  Come on family, wakeup!  Come on Peter, you too!
Peter: Alright, alright.
Abby: Let’s go to the park.
Peter: The park right now?  Alright.  Come on, let’s go.
Abby: [at the park] So — what do you guys wanna do?  You guys wanna play or you guys wanna run?  Hold on — before you start anything, let me just go use the restroom.
[she leaaves]
Peter: Why she got to go use the restroom?  I thought she want to play already?
[Abby comes back]
Abby: Where’s everybody at?
[calls]  Come on Peter — quit playin’ games!  Peter!  Peter!  Quit hiding with my family.
[She goes and looks for them.  It’s getting dark, so she gets home and starts crying]
God, help me look for my family!  I know You’re the only person that could see everybody.  I wish that nothing would happen with my family!
[She goes to sleep.  When she wakes up in the morning, she goes back to the park.  A hummingbird tells her that she found out that Abby’s family and Peter got killed.  Nobody knows how.  Abby flies home.]
Now since I don’t got my family and my cousin Peter — I feel lonely now.  So now what I’m going to do now?
I think I should kill myself.  Since I live on the island and the dangerous animal is the crocodile, I think I should get ate by a crocodile.
But if I try and pray and talk to God about getting my family back, it ain’t gonna work cuz now they’re dead again and God already told me that I already used my one wish. 
…So, I think it ain’t gonna work again, so I should kill myself.
Cuz I think it’s better, me killing myself so I could be with my family in Heaven and it would be more better for me than praying and talking to God.
So that‘s what I’m going to do.
The End.