Raymon H.



Characters:    Mone Bands the pit bull, age 18

                        Bang Bro the Rottweiler, age 17


Setting:  Doghouse in the Fillmore where the dogs are dying young by dog fights and dog catchers putting dogs to sleep.


Time:  Hot sunny day in the summer.


At Rise:  Mone Bands going crazy rippin’ up the doghouse lookin’ for his brother.



Mone Bands


Man, where the hell is this boy at?  (looking outside)  Yo, did you see my lil bro? 


Never mind, there he go right there.  What’s up, bro?  Why you out the doghouse


without tellin’ nobody?  You know you can get killed out here.



Bang Bro


Come on, dude.  I don’t need to tell you when I’m coming out.  I’m not your kid.  You


don’t need to keep an eye on me.  Nobody gettin’ killed out here when I’m outside.



Mone Bands


Bro, I’m just lookin’ out for you.  You think it’s safe out here when you got dogs deals


goin’ bad?  I’m just tellin’ you the opps is rolling.  They trying to put us to sleep. 


Mom wants me to get you out of the hood and move to a safer spot where you can


get a new start.




Bang Bro


I’m not going nowhere.  I’m stayin’ here.  You think I care about safe?  I don’t care


about that.  All my dogs is in this hood and that’s all I got.  You don’t really know


what’s going on out here.  I’m eating out here and if you don’t like it, stay out of my


way.  And mom don’t know what she talkin’ about.  I’m staying here.



Mone Bands


            Bro, you don’t get it.  What you doing out here is what got our dad locked up


in that dog pound.  So what if you go the same way?  How will that make mom


feel to find out that she will never see her youngest son never again?  You really


need to put a stop to what you doing out here.  You is my only brother and I will


do whatever it takes to help you see success.



Bang Bro


I don’t care about what dad did.  However dad got locked up, that’s on him.  I’m not


doing shit wrong but takin’ care of my family.  The hood look up to me so I’m not


just bout to give up on my homies out here.  We all we need.



Mone Bands


I’m going to tell you one last time that you’re not stayin’ out here.  When it’s time to


go, you’re coming with me.  And if you think you not coming, I’m going to put them


dogs paws on you and you know how I can get when it’s time to throw them paws.


I’m the big brother here.  I’m runnin’ the show right now.  What mom wants me to


do, I’m gonna get it done.  We’ll be leaving in the morning so be ready and I’m not



Bang Bro


But bro, all this that I’m doin’ out here, I’m not about to give up on my homies.  They


love me out here.  If I go with you, my squad gonna think I’m a sucka.  I’m sorry, bro,


but I can’t go.  I got too much love out here in this hood.  I been here from day one. 


I don’t think I can go, man.  I will be back in the house later.  Get out of my way.



Mone Bands


Yeah, you don’t got to come back here.  Go stay at your homies’ house, you lil punk.



Bang Bro


Oh, ok, now I’m a punk because I don’t want to go with you?   LOL, you funny.


(Bang Bro leaves the house and shots start ringing off:  POP!  POP!  POP! 

Mone Bands runs outside and sees his brother laying in his own blood, shot in the leg.  He helps Bang Bro to his feet.)


Mone Bands


Bro, is you aight?  Who did this?  Mom, get out here!  Bro hit, call 911!



Bang Bro


I think you was right, I do need to get out of here.  My own homies did this to me. 


They seen me walkin’ out and hit me 3 times.  I think they don’t want me out here no


more.  I just need to let it go, man.  Forget the hood.  I’m out.  They don’t love me out




Mone Bands


Bro, what did I tell you?  Nobody care about you out here.  What I want you to do is


stay strong, man.  I love you, bro.  Stay strong.